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Big Brother 9 Premiere: Sheila Gets Suckered

Well, there we go. BB9 kicked off tonight with some surprises right out of the gate. We knew that the hamsters would be coupled up, but we didn’t know that Sharon and Jacob had been together for 12 years and recently broken up. They both spoke of the pain of their breakup, and then bam – they’re spending their time in the BB house together. While it’ll certainly be good for drama, I’m sure they’re both at a point where they’ve decided to try and move on. BB may even have been a way for one or both of them to do that. It’s almost cruel to put them in the house together, although I’m going to assume that someone, somewhere, thought they might be doing the couple a favour somehow.

Then we have Jen and Ryan, who we all knew about anyway. Why are they trying to deceive the rest of the house? It’s James and Sarah all over again, except that there was a purpose to James lying about his girlfriend, and vice versa. It didn’t exactly work out too well for them in the end, and I see no reason why it’ll be better for Jen and Ryan, especially considering that they can’t both get to the end together. Unless of course the game becomes individual eventually.

Finally, I want to mention Sheila and Adam. Yes, Sheila went overboard, but I can’t really blame her. We got a few clips of Adam picking at various body parts, and his whole demeanor is that of the guy at the club that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try. Sheila was disappointed, and I’m sure the prospect of spending three months with this guy was way too much for her to digest. She dated Scott Baio, for crying out loud.

The feeds aren’t up just yet, so I can’t tell you which couple has already been evicted. As soon as I know, I’ll post! In the meantime, you can check out the feeds for yourself: Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass! You’ll get 14 days free!

What did you think of the premiere? Is putting Sharon and Jacob together just cruel, or does it give you hope for them to be reunited? Should BB be playing the role of matchmaker in the first place? And how would you have reacted in either Sheila or Adam’s place?

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother 9 Premiere: Sheila Gets Suckered

  1. Sharon is being a big baby. At the very least she should have toned it down so that she doesn’t bring attention to herself and cause everyone to hate her & toss her out. Is she here to meet someone or to win big $$? And just cuz she’s paired with him doesn’t mean she has to actually DO anything with him. I’m sure other guys in the house are more than interested in hooking up with her.

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