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Evel Dick to Co-Host Housecalls Twice a Week

You’ve probably heard some of the stories going around about Evel Dick’s role in the upcoming Big Brother season. Rumors were rampant for a while that he’d be doing everything from hosting the show to actually moving in and harassing the new crop of hamsters. Strangely enough, Dick has become the new Janelle (who has also been rumored to have a significant role in this new season).

When in doubt, go to the source. Dick has posted on his MySpace page that he’s going to be co-hosting Housecalls, along with Gretchen Massey, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Housecalls, for the uninitiated, is the daily Big Brother talk show that airs live at CBS.com. Episodes are archived all season long, so you can go back any time and watch past shows. The Thursday episodes will feature the most recently evicted houseguests, and personally I can’t wait to see how Evel Dick handles this gig.

Dick also says that he’s having discussions with Showtime to be the host of Big Brother: After Dark. If it’s anything like last season, a couple of weeks into the show the After Dark episodes will greatly benefit from some colour commentary. And commentary from Dick is sure to be colourful!

You can get the live feeds, with two weeks free, right here: Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass!

For more info on Big Brother, check out SirLinksALot: Big Brother 9. Photo courtesy CBS

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  1. WOOT! Dick in da house! Lovin’ that Dick!

    No matter how you say it, it just sounds dirty, and he loves it.

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