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Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part

Well, it looks like we got the theme and lots of the details of the new Big Brother season very wrong. Dirty little secrets? Dirty laundry? Sounded like a good theme, but it’s way off. This season of BB is titled “‘Til Death Do You Part.”

The 16 houseguests, whose photos you can find right here, will be paired up once they enter the house, based on a “love profile” they filled out. The couples, who won’t know about this whole twist right away, will have to live together, sleep together, compete together, and play the game together. They’ll hold HoH as a pair, be nominated as pairs, and be evicted as pairs. Unless this twist is somehow undone or changed mid-way through the game, we’re looking at a shorter season too.

Among the cast are a “bikini barista” who is also a former stripper (Natalie), a 45-year-old self-described “cougar” who is one of Scott Baio’s ex-girlfriends and a former Penthouse Pet of the Year (Sheila), a bi-sexual guy who likes blondes with big boobs and big blond hair or guys who are cut (Joshuah), and a girl with a gambling addiction who claims to have made and lost over $5 million (Allison).

Complicating matters a little is the fact that Jen and Ryan appear to know and like each other already, with a existing relationship prior to being cast on BB. Here’s Ryan’s MySpace Page, and Jen’s MySpace Page. I wonder how this one’s going to be spun.

In sort-of related news, if you’ve never taken a look at some of the paperwork BB finalists have to fill out, this bitter dude has posted most of it for your enjoyment. Apparently he found the pages difficult to read and comprehend, and was aghast at all of the time he’d have to spend cut off from the rest of the world. Has he even seen the show before? Think about it – last year, Amber filled all of those forms out. How hard can they be? (And yes, I’ve read them, and no, I didn’t think they were confusing.)

The official CBS Big Brother 9 site is up, complete with profiles and a house tour. The house might be the best part of this season – it looks like a secluded cabin or something.

Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds! The show starts next week, February 12th, and the feeds are available for purchase right now. Click here to sign up, and remember that you’ll get two weeks for free to check it all out: Watch Big Brother 9 on SuperPass!

We’ll be blogging the feeds right here, so bookmark this site, sign up for the RSS feeds, and then sit back and enjoy all of the action! For more info on Big Brother, check out SirLinksALot: Big Brother 9. Photo courtesy CBS

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  2. woot! thank goodness – this sounds like it might just be an interesting theme that makes a difference in how the game is played; what we’ve clearly needed for a couple seasons now.

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