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Disasters and Disses: Next Action Star – Episode 3

Next Action Star sure has a lot of drama. This week, the final 20 met with Emmy-award winning stylist and E! Fashion Emergency guru, Brenda Cooper. She took the finalists’ looks, to steal a phrase from good ole’ celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse, “up a notch.”

Everyone, except for Viviana, was pleased. She felt she looked like a “Salma Hayek knock-off.” I wouldn’t be complaining about that, but, that’s me and I don’t look like Salma Hayek or Viviana, for that matter.

In this episode, there was a lot of attention devoted to Viviana. She can be difficult at times and a bit high-strung. Some of the other contestants obviously don’t like her. They make it pretty clear. Poor Viviana. It’s tough to be so beautiful, so Latin and so misunderstood.

Anyhoo, that makes for compelling television. I, like the casting directors, feel drawn to her. I like watching her. You never know what she’s going to do next.

Yes, she’s emotional, but she’s not a bad actress. She can hold her own with this motley crew and she did very well with the disaster scene this week.

In this scene, one of the characters is trapped after an earthquake. The other character, his or her spouse, depending upon which roles the scene partners chose, came in and reacted to seeing his or her beloved about to die.

Some contestants were so over-the-top; others just didn’t know how to play it. I was disappointed by a few of my favorites: Jeanne, the brunette bombshell from Atlanta, and Krista, the New York model.

One other note I have to make is about Linda, the Italian spitfire. She became a blond. She was uncertain about the change as was I, but she looked amazing and knew it. Her confidence is improving week after week.

At the end of the show, three men and three women were cut. The final fourteen move into the house next week. The finalists include: Viviana, Mark, Greg, Santino, Linda, Corinne, Mae, Melisande and more.


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