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Sanjaya Has Left the Building

Sanjaya MalakarIt was inevitable really. Sanjaya Malakar, subject of much scrutiny and attention, was eliminated on American Idol last night.

Now, I’m going to reserve my comments on whether Sanjaya deserved to get as far as he did or not. I’m not a huge fan of Idol, but I remember his audition clearly and he wowed me then. I really didn’t expect Stevie Wonder to burst forth from his diminutive frame. But I digress.

What is curious to me is the timing of Sanjaya’s exit. Idol’s Executive Producer, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, was quoted in a recent Entertainment Weekly magazine as saying that Sanjaya would NOT win the competition. Simon Cowell has echoed these sentiments, even going so far as to say that he’ll leave the show if Sanjaya won. The past few days have also seen a heavy media presence by Dave Della Terza, the man behind Vote For the Worst. He’s spoken with Howard Stern on air, and made an appearance on Letterman (which was very funny by the way – click the link to watch it on YouTube). With the pressure on to keep Sanjaya in the game, Idol execs must have had a real quandary on their hands.

Today, the final six and Simon will all make an appearance on Oprah, presumably to push their “Idol Gives Back” campaign since Oprah has never taken an interest in the show before. It was time for the folks behind Idol to get serious and think of their public image rather than scare up more controversy and keep Sanjaya around.

No matter if you’re a fan of Sanjaya or not, you’ve got to admit that the timing of his ouster is pretty handy for the Idol franchise. Was Sanjaya actually the guy who ended up with the fewest fan votes, or does something smell fishy in Idol-land? Coincidence or not? You be the judge.

Our very own American Idol guru, LauraBelle, covers the show with wit and wisdom in her weekly recaps. And if you still want more Idol, head on over to SirLinksALot: American Idol. Photo courtesy of FOX.

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8 thoughts on “Sanjaya Has Left the Building

  1. Oh, please! You’re not seriously suggesting some kind of ridiculous conspiracy theory are you? That’s more absurd than Sanjaya’s lengthy stay on Idol was!

    Here are the facts:

    1. Sanjaya was the least talented contestant and deserved to go, so it’s just plain silly to even think twice about his departure in the first place. In fact, if not for the sheeple who brainlessly follow orders from worthless sites like Vote For The Worst, and that ignorant shock-jock Stern, Sanjaya most likely wouldn’t have received nearly enough votes to last as long as he did. I means, get serious.

    2. As the number of contestants decreases, the legit votes from people who “get” the show (not the mindless sheeple described above) are split between the DESERVING remaining contestants. That boosts each of the legit contestants totals, but not those of someone like Sanjaya. Nice kid, sure, but waaaaaaaaaaay out of his talent league, and no one with at least one good ear would honestly think he belonged with the rest of the group or vote for him.

    3. Inevitably, the worst contestants are naturally and legitimately eliminated by the process described above. There’s no conspiracy going on. There’s no need to mess with the vote tallies. The worst singer simply no longer gets enough votes to stay, even with all the nonsense from the likes of VFTW and Stern.

    4. The elimination process, combined with Sanjaya’s horrible performance of a blues tune (on COUNTRY night!) finally spelled “YOUR TIME IS UP” for Sanjaya. It’s as simple as that.

  2. Of course the show has in each Idol contract that they can remove someone at will instead of waiting for the natural results to do so. Yet, for someone like Sanjaya, they aren’t going to to use it. They had the highest final 7 total of all time last night, despite everyone marching around saying it’s the worst season ever. This show isn’t about finding the best singer, it’s about business and making money. Sanjaya was such hype by this point, they weren’t minding him being on at all. The show thrives on hype and always has. It was simply just his time to go. And it wasn’t going to happen before, because Haley Scarnato was still in there. Once her legs walked on out of there, it opened up her permanent final three spot to Sanjaya. And, the results and polls have shown that it is an extremely close race this year. If Blake can appear in the bottom three, so could anybody.

  3. Oprah showed interest in the show during the second season when Ruben, Clay, Simon, Paula, Randy and Ryan made appearances.

    She also had another episode that featured the idols not too long ago. So she does like the show.

  4. It is a shame that it took so long for Sanjaya to be “voted” off – only because there were a few that got voted off before their time, leaving the mockery kid of American Idol on. But – the past is gone – therefore lets move forward and enjoy the show that so many folks just love and have fun with. I too was shocked to see Blake in the bottom 3 – could be a little fishy business going on? Na – just the way the vote fell. Happy Idoling –

  5. This week was to be Sanjaya’s last appearance regardless of what the vote count really was. His still being there was starting to hurt the show. As I explained to everyone who would listen, he would be leaving the show.

    Ever read the disclaimer at the end of the show? The one that’s on for about a tenth of a second? It clearly states that the producers have the right to eliminate votes they think have been manipulated by technical or other means.

    While vote for the worst sounds like fun, the producers had to act. They did and now the show is back on track. Biggest shock for me was Blake in the bottom three.

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