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What's so Great About Andy Baldwin?

ABC’s latest Bachelor appears almost perfect on paper. He’s cute enough. He’s a Navy Lieutenant, he’s a doctor, a humanitarian, a former Sunday school teacher, and he’s an Iron Man triathelete. He’s also sensitive. This past week we saw him attend to an injured Bevin, even accompanying her to the hospital and thereby delaying a group date. Andy was also clearly upset by having to send Peyton home after his two-on-on date.

If the women on the show are any indication, he’s the perfect man. Total marriage material. The kind of guy you’d be proud to bring home to Mom and Dad. The kind of guy you can brag to your friends about, and who looks good in just about anything you put on him.

So why is Andy not resonating with viewers?

It could be his “hands-on” approach to getting to know the ladies better. Not a date goes by where Andy isn’t busily wrapping his arms around someone, or touching their leg, or pulling them in for a kiss. Just this week alone he was seen washing mud off the ladies (and enjoying them washing it off of him), cuddling and kissing just before the Rose Ceremony, cozying up to both Peyton and Tessa on the double-date (sometimes even simultaneously), and hooking his arms around Erin while she was trying to talk to him about shooting guns and driving fast cars.

Andy can’t seem to keep his hands off the women. Even when being introduced to them for the first time, he was very touchy-feely with a good majority of them. His frequent laments about the ladies not “opening up” to him seem to indicate that those who don’t respond to his advances are frustrating him.

Don’t get me wrong. He seems like a nice enough guy, and there’s obviously some substance behind those shockingly white and straight teeth. Not since Bob Guiney, however, have we seen a man who is so unafraid to touch the Bachelorettes at any given opportunity. His comments about being “turned on” by the vibrating mechanical bull were honest enough, but it put an icky spin on the whole scene.

I’m not a prude by any means, and I understand the need for scantily clad women cavorting in hot tubs in order to make this show work. I also understand the rules of attraction, and that you can’t blame a guy for feeling like a kid at Disneyland when he’s surrounded by 25 gorgeous girls who all want to be with him. But there’s just something off-putting about a man who claims to want to get to know these women, but can’t stop touching them while they’re trying to hold a conversation.

What do you think? Is Andy the perfect man, or are you scratching your heads wondering why he’s just not as riveting as you thought he’d be?

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10 thoughts on “What's so Great About Andy Baldwin?

  1. I feel Andy Badwin is a genuine, caring and sincere man. Of course the show is going to show the “touchy feely,” they’re out to sell a show and gain ratings. This guy is certainly attractive, intelligent and, I feel, the so called lack of carisma and being

    charge of being dull could very well relate to a person not professionally trained in acting. Tessa was my choice for him from the get go, such a relief to see a woman who is not a “game-player” and honest enough to let him know where she was coming from early on. Bravo for them, hope it lasts and they are truly happy!

  2. I think Lt. Andy Baldwin is genuinely trying to find the love of his life. I say that because you can tell that he is trying to get to know each person. If someone hasn’t been as vocal, or is shy, or has been out of the limelight for a while, he chooses them for the one-on-one date, NOT the one that you claim he has been “groping” all day long. As for the “groping,” he values physical chemistry and intimacy. I don’t think he’s being sleazy about the situation.

  3. Barbie, Andy is a lot of things, but I don’t think “shy” is one of them. Honestly, if he were shy around women, he wouldn’t be as touchy-feely as he is.

    I agree with you, Katherine – I think that it does truly pain him to let people go, and that’s definitely a positive thing. If he didn’t care, he’d be awkward, dull, AND insensitive. At least he has that going for him. πŸ˜‰

    And Jennifer, I thought there was something weird about his body too. Thanks for mentioning that so I know I’m not alone!

  4. I think Andy is super creapy with the “your leg is smooth” comment and all the kissing, the next episode looks from the commercials, like mental breakdowns are common place for the girls, HE LIKES ALL OF THEM , thats why he was crying about Peyton, It is hard for him to hurt their feelings, but he has to pick it is his choice, He is very socially enept and boring:)

  5. I like Andy, and think he would make a wonderful husband. My guess is that he’s a bit shy and uncomfortable in this situation and is being coached by the directors on how to act. I think he probably has a good relationship with several of the girls; but the producer is only choosing to show us the hands-on parts. If we can believe the advance reports, Andy has met someone special and will propose on the final episode. The connection probably happened fairly early in the shooting, and the producers are showing us lots of touchy-feely to keep us guessing. Just my opinion.

  6. I find his body rather unattractive. His waist is ridiculously small. And he acts like he has never seen a girl before.

  7. Thanks Forest – that’s exactly what I was getting at. And it’s puzzling to me that he keeps insisting that he wants the girls to “open up,” but on the two-on-one date he chose to keep the girl who was still mysterious. Peyton spilled her guts to him, but he left her standing in the middle of nowhere and kept Tessa because she’s “wife material”. Makes no sense.

    The other thing that creeps me out is the continued, “Have you ever dated a doctor?” “Have you ever dated a military guy?” That’s just … odd.

  8. Carrie: It was kind of you not to retaliate πŸ™‚ and correct Ashley’s spelling of humanitarian.

    You can do almost anything with editing, but one thing you cannot do is supply charisma to a person who does not have it. I know from the bio stuff of a few things Andy does, but I’ve never heard him go nuts on the show about a remark from one of the women: for example, “Oh, my God. You saw that movie? Wasn’t Ed Norton great?” Or, “The word’s gotten out that you cook. Do you have any secrets about pasta that I can spring on my mother?” Or, “Oh, I know what you mean about being shy. Why don’t we try playing a couple of games to break the ice? Let’s start with ‘Name that movie.'”

    Instead, Andy said, “Your leg is so smooth.” “I’m good at drying dishes.” and (to himself) “Jeez, I ask her to open up to me and I get nothing.”

    He’s not TRYING in the realm of honestly getting to know what makes these women tick. Perhaps he has poor conversational skills. Perhaps he’s more interested in how turned on he is. Perhaps all his charming REAL connections are being edited out. Maybe he’s just dull. Anyone who admires his own pretty pecs (and they are nice) more than he admires a smart woman’s (Tessa) opinions has some need of charm school.

    So, count me amongst those who just don’t fancy Andy as a soul mate.
    Show me some soul! Or inquire intelligently about mine!


  9. Hi Ashley, thanks for your comments. πŸ™‚

    You’re right – Andy’s got some impressive credits to his name. The whole doctor/navy/ironman (one word – thanks) thing speaks for itself, and of course I won’t deny that he’s done some wonderful humanitarian work.

    I’m looking beyond that though, at his personality. He seems to lack any sort of charm or charisma. For example, putting a woman on the spot by asking her to open up to you isn’t at all romantic or savvy. Keeping good conversation flowing is a skill, and getting to know people doesn’t seem to be one of Andy’s strong points.

    Sure, kissing is a good way to know if there’s chemistry between two people. But groping doesn’t really scream “romance” to me.

    As for the ratings, you’re right that they’re better than some other seasons. But let’s keep in mind that duds like King of Queens did way better on Monday night than The Bachelor.


  10. What’s so great about Andy? Holy sarcasm. And as a disclaimer, I’m a HUGE andy baldwin fan and have tried to find out more about him online – with some success. But you’re article above askes kind of a silly question… What’s so great? Let me think for a moment… He’s a Navy Dr, and Ironman Triathlete (Ironman is one word) – and he’s beyond hot,(have you seen the way he looks?) oh, that and he travels to places to do humanatarian work, and in his free time he treats people for free who can not afford health insurance??? Are you kidding? The guys I know are sitting on the couch with a beer watching a game in their spare time. That or they’re not looking for a wife, they’re looking for a waitress. Andy seems to be narrowing the field based on substence. But this is reality tv – and what you are commenting on is actually not andy – because surely your not that against PDA or someone displaying affection on a reality TV show. He’s about to get engaged according to the show, if it were me, and I am a product of the show Sex in the City, Friends, and my generation, but I think it’s a good idea for a guy to get up close and personal with his potential LIFE mates and see if he feels anything, and how they react. Have you ever felt that feeling in your stomach when you kiss someone? I have, and if it were me, and I had 25 hot guys wanting to marry me, I’d line up my mates and give them each a peck to see which one lit that spark. As for the editing – I’ve watched most of the shows in the past, and I think the editors always intentionally leave some stuff out, (the good stuff) and that they always do because to get ratings, they don’t want to focus on substance – they want to focus on sexy – and according to abc the ratings for this season are off the charts. America would turn off substence, just compare PBS to ABC ratings – and they are showing only one side of the guy – but I watched his speech on youtube (found it on his sponosr site) – have you seen this speech??? – it’s amazing and he reminds me of JFK Jr. – and I’m convinced that this guy is the real thing, and I wish there were more Andy Baldwin’s in the world. I think you’re question really is what’s so great about the editing and scene selection of reality TV. I wish there was a reality TV series that showed the behind the scenes stuff. – Ashley

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