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Caution: Yield Ahead

yield signThe previews for next week’s Amazing Race All Stars show a Yield coming up, and we’re told that two teams conspire to use it.

The obvious candidates for a good yielding would be the Beauty Queens, Dustin and Kandice. They pulled the Yield out and used it on Eric and Danielle for no discernible reason, and now revenge is on the menu. Charla and Mirna are also no fans of the Beauty Queens, so it would come as no surprise to see a plan hatched to foil the blondies at this critical juncture in the race.

I can’t see the Beauty Queens plotting with any of the other teams to use the Yield. The only possible team that would work with them at this point are Danny and Oswald, and I just don’t see that happening. But if it did, Charla and Mirna would most likely be the intended targets.

The only other possibility would be Charla and Mirna working with Eric and Danielle to yield Danny and Oswald, but again, it’s unlikely. Sure, the Cha Cha’s are formidable opponents, but if the opportunity presents itself to slow down the blondes, I can’t see either team passing it up.

So then, why the teaser in the previews? Another attempt by the editors to heighten the drama, or are we actually in for a surprise here? What do you think?

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Photo courtesy of CBS.