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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 7 – Y’all Got No Babies Up There?”

Route Markers
• I had to get this week’s column up faster than last week, I got yelled at by a reader! (Not really yelled at, more tongue-in-cheek teasing, but yelled at is much funnier)
• Love the old school Race setting of having them sleep in huts at the Pit Stop. I kept picturing Paul/Amie still wandering around the desert trying to find it.
• Anyone else get some claustrophobia from that bus? Two hours packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes. Yikes.
• I was ok with Control Freak using the Express Pass to get through the Detour, but they wasted it by missing the next location. All the more reason they should have burned their U-Turn too. Make that Pass pay off!
• More good Marcus – his Africa observation about it being magical to him, and how he can look for miles in all directions and see families walking around. It enabled him to take inventory on how fortunate we are as Americans and the way we live.
• Laurence talking about his bits and pieces on the bike? No thank you.
• Laurence talking about the task being like “finding hair on an elephant’s butt,” ok, that was funny.
• Jennifer to a local – “Do you know where this is?” Local – “Up.” HA! I instantly went to Ghostbusters – “Where do these stairs go? They go up”
• It’s not an episode of Amazing Race 19 until Cathi falls down.
• Cindy got some blogosphere heat for her comments about Africa, about no one speaking English and the kids not being in school, and what not. However, I didn’t take it that way – English is the official language there. The kids were running all about. And it wasn’t typical ugly American Race comments a la Kendra. Embarrassing? Yeah, but not totally offensive.
• Nothing can stop the Dudes it seems. Andy’s bike falls apart and he MacGyvers it on the side of the road.
• How about the fancy IPad graphics on the U-Turn? No more peel and paste stickers here. Although I would rather the increased budget be spent more on bringing back the Fast Forward, but that’s just me.
• I loved the Malawians following the teams around like an entourage, but I especially loved how all of them peered over Amani’s shoulder as she tried to solve the slide puzzle. Top notch entertainment, I guess!
• And who invited the Survivor puzzle creators onto the Race after all?
• Amani to the cab – “Gotta go fast, like your mama’s in the hospital!” HA!!
• Marcus telling the goat to move, that was fun. Having him insult my beloved Miami Dolphins? Not fun. Of course, they deserve it, but still. Ouch.
• Anyone notice Bill’s little happy dance on the dugout? Well, check again. It was fun.
• Andy to the Mat greeter – who looked a whole lot like Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio – “Dude, I like your hair.”

Roadblock – Be a bike taxi and deliver a man and a fish. Return back with the money and move on – Cindy, Laurence, Jennifer, Cathi, Sandy, Andy, Marcus. Complete with a cool fish icon on screen!

DetourDug Out – take part in the Lake Malawi Dugout Canoe Race by paddling a local version of a canoe out to bowie, and then come back, or Lug Out – Unload a Ferry boat by hand of various items (chair, sugar cane, brooms, cabbage, etc) and eight people. Only Peytons did the Lug Out option.

Speed Bump – Peytons had to solve a slide puzzle to form the Malawi flag.

Order of Finish – Dudes (win $15K from Discover Card), Control Freak, Geritol, Peytons, Magellans, Jeremy 2.0, and Siblings (ELIMINATED)

Next week– Denmark. Dancing. Control Freak uses the U-Turn.

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