home Racing Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 7 – Y’all Got No Babies Up There?”

Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 7 – Y’all Got No Babies Up There?”

That moment is one of my favorite Race moments – if only it was an elimination!

Not sure how much I liked Cindy’s plea for them to let them win – I know she would not have stepped aside for the Dudes – but I will just write that off as exhaustion combined with frustration.

I also have to give another wave of kudos to Geritol. After the Leg 1 problems that led to the surprise non-elimination they have been a very good team. For a couple who have at minimum 20 years on each of the other teams, they not only hold their own physically, but at times exceed the younger teams. One reason – superior communication skills. While paddling during the surprisingly difficult Detour, they talked it through and made great time. This was hysterically cross-cut with Jeremy 2.0’s bickering. That is why they fail. Canoeing is all about calmness and teamwork. One paddles for acceleration, and the other paddles for direction. These dugout canoes were awkward because of the small slit carved out that was only enough room for legs to fit. But the mechanisms were the same. Geritol will continue to succeed as long as they remain calm and talk to each other rather than at each other.

The other thing I want to mention before the Route Markers is the performance by Marcus. They struggled last week, and had to endure a Speed Bump which proved to be surprisingly difficult. And they lucked out from Jennifer’s error as well. But Marcus really stepped up and showed how his training is such an asset. This is a man who endured two-a-days during training camp, and the intense hitting that comes from not only being an NFL lineman, but also a receiver. To train for the Race, he got his cycling on. He not only practiced on a bike, but he did so by carrying an 80-pound weight on the bike. Damn. That training enabled him to whip through the Roadblock and make up a great amount of time.

In addition, they were the only ones to choose the other Detour choice, which consisted of helping unload a barge of its cargo and people. Amani carried most of the items, but Marcus had to carry the people. Eight of them on his shoulders. Walk out to the barge in the water, load one up and walk back. If you ever walked in the surf, you know how grueling it can be. Now try it with a full grown person on top of you. Eight times. Damn damn. That was impressive. Best Marcus line – “Y’all ain’t got no babies up there?”

So we are down to six teams, one non-elim potentially hanging around, and an exit from Africa and a move to Europe next week. Let’s hope this episode ushers in a great end of the season.