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Amazing Race 19 – Ep 6 Commentary – Toys From Trash For Tots

Route Markers
• New credits this week with scenes from the Race – I like this touch from the last few seasons
• The Peytons have a special needs child, and Jennifer works in special ed. I have no jokes here, just acknowledging their hard work and strong love bonds. I also sense an alliance in real life waiting to happen.
• Good for Jennifer to acknowledge the beauty of Africa. As we all know, far too many Racers have focused on the poverty and sadness of the Third World instead of the splendor and humanity within. Cathi loves the spaciousness of Malawi – which is an odd complement, unless she’s planning on moving in.
• Not sure if it was bad editing, but did Jeremy and Cindy each think that THIS is what life is like in Malawi? All happy and dancing in warehouses? Very strange.
• More good Jenn moments – the tobacco factory smelled like their dad.
• Was it me or did the warehouse uniforms look like prison uniforms? Was the Race hiding something from us?
I wonder if anyone else thought of Rocky 2 as Marcus collected an entourage during the Roadblock?
• Tommy marveled that the kids of Malawi don’t need fancy stuff to be happy. I beg to differ, Tom, I am very sure these kids would love to have some Playmobile toys and are happy with the milk carton trucks because the alternative is playing with dirt.
• Cindy never felt less safe in her life – and I think Cindy must have a really, really nice life.
• Jeremy 2.0 bickering is annoying, of course, but it really pales in comparison with some classing Racer couple bickering. It’s almost cute.
• Sandy on being passed by Geritol – “If they pass me, than good for a 62-year-old woman.”

Roadblock – Haul 10 200 lb. bales of tobacco across a warehouse. Jeremy, Justin, Ernie, Laurence, Tommy, Bill and Marcus

DetourAll Sewn Up, go to a tailor shop and manually sew suits, or Not Grown Up, go to a school and build two toy trucks from scraps. Toys – Jeremy 2.0, Siblings, Dudes, Magellans, Sewing – Control Freak, Geritol and Peytons.

Order of Finish – Dudes (win a trip to British Virgin Islands), Siblings, Jeremy 2.0, Magellans, Control Freak, Geritol (dropping from third), Peytons (NOT ELIMINATED)

Next week, er, later today – Taxi on bikes, more Jeremy 2.0 bickering, and Marcus yells loudly.
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