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Interview With Yoanna House, Winner of America's Next Top Model 2

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Yoanna House beat out eleven other hopefuls to be crowned ‘America’s Next Top Model’. She won a modelling contract with IMG, the same company that represents host Tyra Banks, as well as photo shoots for Jane Magazine and Sephora cosmetics. We finally had the chance to catch up with Yoanna, who has been living in a bit of a whirlwind since the finale aired.

[b]Hi Yoanna! Congratulations![/b]

Thank you very much!

[b]What have you been up to since the finale aired?[/b]

I came to New York City with IMG, and did some test shooting with them. Then I was in LA for fashion week, and I did six shows there. I also did Letterman, Leno, morning shows – all the publicity stuff for the show. Right now I’m in the process of doing go-sees, and just adjusting to life in New York!

[b]It must have been tough for you, waiting for the finale to air so that you could get started![/b]

Well I knew things would get hectic, so I just took it easy. But yes, I was starting to get a bit antsy by the end of it!

[b]Had you been working out between wrapping up filming of the show and the finale? The photos of you at the finale party show a skinnier Yoanna![/b]

Yes I did – I did lots of toning, yoga and pilates. I enjoy doing that.

[b]The UPN website has a gorgeous picture of you and Tyra together – when was that taken?[/b]

That was taken the Monday ot Tuesday before the finale. We did some pictures for the final portfolio at that time.

[b]Be honest – was it gratifying to you to not only last longer than Camille, but to win the whole thing?[/b]

I didn’t really think “Oh, I beat her!”, but yes, it was gratifying to win of course. It had been my dream to be a model since I was a little girl.

[b]When you had dinner with Adrienne (winner of the first ANTM), did she give you any advice geared specifically towards what you could expect if you won?[/b]

Just that life would change drastically. She gave us a bit of advice about life in New York – it’s a big adjustment to make.

[b]Out of all of the girls, you were the only one who consistently knew who the industry people you were meeting were. Which one was your favourite?[/b]

I was most excited to meet J Alexander. I’ve been watching him since I was 15, and it was great to meet him! I also enjoyed meeting Betsey Johnson. I love her stuff! But J Alexander was my favourite.

[b]Can you describe how you were feeling when you and Mercedes were waiting for the final results?[/b]

They did kind of drag that out, didn’t they? I didn’t know exactly what the judges were thinking, what they were ultimately looking for. I was second-guessing myself quite a bit.

[b]You lost a lot of weight before going on the show. How did you go about it, and do you have any trouble keeping it off?[/b]

Well, that was really a two-and-a-half year process. I didn’t just do it for modelling, I did it for my health. I was eating way too much sugar and stuff that was bad for me. I just tried to eat healthier and exercise. I have a boy frame, so it’s not hard to keep it off! I’d actually like to gain some, but only in certain places!

[b]Do you have any specific jobs lined up now?[/b]

I have a few booking options on hold, which is a bit frustrating. But I’m meeting a lot of great people, and still doing a lot of stuff for the show.

[b]As a model, what would your dream job be?[/b]

I’d love to be on the cover of Vogue. They have a lot of celebrities on the cover these days, so I think that would be a huge breakthrough for an American model. I’d also like to model for a cosmetics company.

[b]Do you have any career aspirations other than modelling?[/b]

Yes, I’d like to be a mother.

[b]How did your family and friends react to your appearance and success on the show?[/b]

They were all very supportive! I had been pretty secretive, and they’d say stuff like “Hey, I saw you on TV last night!”. I didn’t even tell my dad until two days before the show aired, because of the contract I’d signed. It was fun to watch the episodes together though. They’d all say things like “You know Yoanna, it’s great that you’ve made it this far!”, and I’d be like “Mmm hmm, yep, thanks!”.

[b]Are you planning on putting up a website so your fans can keep up with what you’re doing?[/b]

I’m actually looking into doing a journal online, so that people can learn about what it’s like to get into modelling. Of course I have a head start from the show, but I still have to compete with other models to get jobs and such, so I think a journal will give other young girls a bit of knowledge as to what to expect when they start out.

[b]Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Yoanna! Good luck to you![/b]

Thanks Carrie, it was nice speaking to you!


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