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Project Runway 9, Season Finale – Triumph from Trinidad

The sixth look is a black and white print dress with a plunging v-neck and a long slit. The seventh look is a beige dress with the front skirt cut away. The model is also wearing yellow briefs, to preserve her modesty. A wide black and yellow belt helps that endeavor. Her eighth look consists of green shorts paired with a navy shirt with yet another plunging neckline. The model is also wearing a wide rope belt. The ninth look is a brown print mini-dress with a floppy gold collar. The final look is a black and white print jumpsuit with a yoke collar.

After the show, there’s the usual backstage chatter with people like Betsey Johnson, Joanna Coles, and Season 2’s Nick. Then it’s time to face the judges. Heidi starts by telling the designers that she’s proud of all of them, as they all put on good shows.

The judges start with Kimberly, who tells them she wanted to take an urban look and glam it up. Michael tells her that he appreciates the fact she’d obviously listened to their critiques. He didn’t like the striped dress, though. L’Wren liked the second look and the pink dress. Heidi liked the ivory pants and matching top. She didn’t like the bubble skirt’s being paired with a puffy shirt, as the combination made the model look bigger than she was. Nina thought the collection looked contemporary, and she liked the rich-looking fabrics.

Josh talks about learning to edit himself, and how he wanted to show off his tailoring and draping skills. Heidi liked his collection, especially the green shorts and various prints. (What is she smoking?!) Michael thinks the craziness of the collection serves Josh well and he compliments Josh on his editing. L’Wren thinks Josh showed a “complete vision,” and Nina calls him the “most improved.” She also likes how he experimented with new materials, like the plastic. (What is Nina smoking? I’d imagine a bodice or shirt made of plastic would be very uncomfortable, especially in very cold or hot weather.) She also thinks many of his looks would photograph well.

Viktor talks about wanting to “marry” New York City and Mexico. Michael loved the printed pieces, but thought there were too many sheer garments. They felt like a joke to him. Viktor’s tailoring was polished. L’Wren liked most of the pieces, but not the sheer dress. She also thinks he put out a cohesive collection. Heidi disagrees, saying that Viktor had seemed to put out two collections, with one consisting of the sheer garments and the other consisting mainly of prints. She thought the sheer garments looked cheap. Nina also preferred the printed pieces to the sheer black garments. He did make looks that would photograph well.

Anya tells the judges she wanted to create looks with an easy, sexy vibe. Heidi liked the fabrics used, but points out that the collection lacked diversity. Eight had the same neckline, for instance. Michael loved the first dress, but agrees that she needs more variety in her looks L’Wren points out that not everybody can wear plunging necklines. Nina says the bathing suit was her favorite.

Heidi then asks the designers why they should win. Anya answers that she’s shown both tenacity and a distinct point of view. Josh points out how he’s learned to edit. Viktor says he has passion and wants to follow in Christian Siriano’s footsteps. Kimberly also has a strong point of view, and it’s one that’s not often represented in fashion.

The judges then dismiss everybody to have their chat. Kimberly had some great individual pieces, including a gorgeous black gown. Nina and Heidi don’t think she’s on the same level as the other designers. Viktor also had a strong collection– except for those sheer garments nobody apparently liked. Anya performs well under pressure and has a great eye for patterns, but her collection looked a little one-note, especially with all those v-necks. Josh has had trouble with over-designing in the past, but tonight he had the best styling. The purple striped shirt was a misstep, though.

Nina comments that Anya has a unique point of view, and Michael can imagine what her other pieces could look like, including items like shoes and jewelry. She could potentially have a huge business. (I can see that being the case. Not only would her stuff appeal to people living in places like Florida or the Caribbean, but it would also appeal to vacationers traveling to those places.) On the other hand, Josh put more thought into his pieces. It looks as if it’s going to be between Josh and Anya. Viktor apparently took himself out of contention with those sheer black garments.

The judges then call everybody back in. Heidi tells them there are no real losers today. Viktor’s tailoring was impeccable, and Anya had returned to her strengths over the past few days. Josh showed a dramatic evolution during his tenure, and Kimberly had a strong point of view.

But as good a job Kimberly did, she’s not the winner. She graciously thanks the judges for the experience and says she feels like a winner since she got to show on Fashion Week. With that, she goes backstage to her waiting family.

Viktor is also out. He calls being on Project Runway the experience of a lifetime. He adds that winning would have been the cherry on top, but he got the whole ice cream. He also goes backstage to see his family.

It’s then down to Josh and Anya– and she’s the winner. Josh goes backstage to his family– and Anya’s in shock. She can’t believe she won. Her family comes onstage to help her celebrate.

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