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Project Runway 9, Season Finale – Triumph from Trinidad

It’s still dark out when the designers walk to Lincoln Center. They check out the runway and note the large number of seats. They then begin putting on the finishing touches to their looks. An hour before the show is about to start, disaster strikes. Kimberly has lost her kit, and she needs it to complete her looks. Anya gives her some of her own things so she can finish.

Josh voices his usual complaint about Anya sewing people into dresses. The camera pans over the audience showing some of the eliminated designers, including Olivier, and celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Because of the timing of Fashion Week this year, there were six or seven decoy collections. Some, like Bert’s, were so good, people assumed they were the work of finalists.)

Heidi welcomes everybody to Fashion Week, and introduces the judges including the fashion designer, L’Wren Scott. Then the show begins. Kimberly is up first, and talks about how she was inspired by both her mother and her hometown, Brooklyn.

Her first look is one of the ones from the mini-collection: a pair of royal blue pants and a striped top. She took the judges’ advice and tossed the oversized handbag and replaced the blue shoes with strappy black sandals. Her second look is a short-sleeved turquoise long shirt over a snug green miniskirt. Both items are made of metallic fabrics, and the shirt’s right shoulder has been cut out. Her third look is black pants paired with a sleeveless royal blue shirt. Her fourth is a shoulderless blue mini-dress with a draped skirt.

The fifth look is a magenta dress with a small black jacket with half-sleeves. Her sixth look is a draped patterned garment that is cut very high up. Modesty is preserved by the addition of a magenta mini-skirt. The seventh look is a pair of cream pants with a matching short-sleeved shirt. The magenta bubble-skirt reappears as the eighth look and it has been paired with a cream jacket with a broad and plunging neckline. The ninth look is a pair of magenta pants and an asymmetrical top made of glittering black fabric. The final look is the glittering black gown from the mini-collection. Kimberly used all three looks from last week.

Josh is up next and he dedicates his collection to his late mother. His first look is a simple, draped, asymmetrical purple dress. His second look is a black vest over a sleeveless mini-dress made of some garish, multi-colored print. The third look consists of black pants, a black jacket, and a purple and gray tank top. The fourth look is a neon green skirt and a short-sleeved shirt made of the same gaudy print as the mini-dress from the second look. The fifth look consists of a black and white print tank top and neon green shorts that look as if they’re supposed to be somehow laced shut… but weren’t.

The sixth look is magenta pants, a dark print tank-top and a black jacket that looks as if it’s about to slide off the model’s shoulders. The seventh look is a sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline. The eighth look is a two-toned black and gray skirt paired with a red and green shirt made of what looks like plastic. The ninth look is his black jumper from the mini-collection. His final look is a long sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline. Its shoulders are decorated with dark red plastic pieces.

Viktor is visibly nervous, but gamely talks about his collection, which was inspired by his trips to Mexico. His first look is a knee-length black skirt paired with a purple and white print blouse with a V-neck. His second look is a black leather skirt with a long-sleeved sheer black shirt. The third look consists of black leather shorts and a sheer black tank top decorated with mirrors. His fourth look is a blue mini-dress with a print on the bodice and the upper portion of the skirt. His fifth look is a pair of striped black and white shorts overlaid with a long-sleeved sheer black tunic. His sixth look is a long, slinky black dress with long sleeves.

The seventh look is a black dress with a yoke and panels made of his beloved sheer black fabric. His eighth look is a long dress with a yoke similar to the seventh look, but made of blue and white fabric decorated with a print that looks like Rorschach inkblots. His ninth look consists of purple and white print pants, a black jacket, and a black shirt decorated with mirrors. His last look consists of the white jacket from last week’s mini-collection, skinny black pants, and a black shirt.

Anya is last and talks about her Caribbean roots and how they inspired her collection. The first look is a shoulderless dress with a plunging neckline. Its bodice appears to be dark blue or green, while the flowing skirt is white, yellow, blue, and green. The second look is the brown print dress from last week’s mini-collection. The third look is a black and white swimsuit with a gauzy black and white print cover-up. Her fourth look is a long, sleeveless, turquoise and brown jumpsuit. The fifth look is a beige mini-dress.