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Project Runway 9, Season Finale – Triumph from Trinidad

Last week, on Project Runway, the four finalists went to their respective homes to prepare for Fashion Week. When Tim visited them, he found that Kimberly and Viktor appeared to be making good progress, but that Anya and Josh both had serious problems. The four designers then returned to New York City to complete their preparations for Fashion Week. They also had to display a mini-collection to the judges, who were considering sending someone else home. After examining the mini-collections, the judges changed their minds and sent everybody on to Fashion Week, instead.

Back at the Hudson Hotel penthouse, Anya and Kimberly talk about the upcoming show. Anya admits she didn’t show her best work. Josh is upset that there are still three other designers left, as that reduces his chances of winning. Viktor tells us that all of his pieces are complete, he just needs to edit his collection to get the desired results.

The designers then head to their spacious workshop. It’s just two days before the big show. Anya tells us that she’d had an “identity crisis” with her collection, as in should she stick with her Caribbean roots or try for a more mainstream look? Or should she meet somewhere in the middle? She agrees with the judges that her mini-collection was a disaster and decides to rework and restyle her clothes to enhance her Caribbean vibe.

Tim arrives and tells the designers that he’d disagreed with a lot of what the judges said, but advises the designers to heed their instructions anyway. On a happier note, he has come to give everybody $500.00 for a shopping trip at Mood. The designers also have the traditional 30 minutes to sketch some designs. Kimberly wants to make a black version of her magenta bubble skirt. (Seriously? The judges hated it!) Josh wants to rework his jumper, as the front was fine, but the back was horrible. Anya has a few vague ideas, but nothing definite. Viktor would like to make another gown.

At Mood, Anya simply picks out whichever patterned fabrics strike her fancy. Josh picks out some neon green fabric and is happy to have his calmest shopping experience yet. Viktor chooses some sheer black fabric.

Back at the workroom, Tim gives everybody until midnight. Anya has chosen several prints and wants to make three new looks, as she’s already decided to ditch the black swimsuit and its cover-up. Kimberly makes a skirt. When the designers go for their hair consultation, they all describe the judges’ critiques. Anya, for instance, had been told that her styling had made the models look old, and so asks the stylist for more youthful ‘dos. Back in the workroom, Josh asserts that he can make shorts and a tank-top in under an hour. He’s also using the neon green fabric for the shorts. Viktor thinks Josh is getting too scattered.

Speaking of Josh, he has a breakdown and starts crying. He says he’s come so far that failure doesn’t feel like an option. He’s frustrated that he still has so much work to do and that there are only two days left before the show. Anya tries to comfort him, telling him that she’s feeling the pressure, too. Josh tells her that he doesn’t have any back-up: he’s unemployed. He notes that crying isn’t going to accomplish anything and that he needs to get back to work.

The next day, the designers get back to work. Viktor is making a tank-top. The designers and models then have make-up consultations with Collier Strong. Afterwards, Tim comes in to make his rounds and he starts with Kimberly. She plans to revise one of her skirts, but isn’t sure how. Tim tells her that she needs to figure it out, pronto. Anya admits to feeling nervous and to simply buying prints she liked, without any real game plan. Tim advises her to spice up her collection. Viktor shows off his new black gown, and tells Tim that he’s going to focus more on silhouettes. Finally, Tim stops by Josh, and thinks the green shorts look peculiar. He tells Josh that his mini-collection had looked it had belonged to a sophisticated woman, while the shorts and some other pieces look far less sophisticated.

Josh later tells us that he was “confused” by Tim’s critique. and simply plans to “go with his gut.” Four hours to go, and Kimberly tells us she still has a lot of work to do. Anya is making some new pieces; she has more than ten looks already, but isn’t happy with some of them. She wants ten looks she can confidently show at Fashion Week. She’s sticking with her Caribbean theme, since the judges see her that way. Viktor talks about how he’s learned to edit and not get too emotionally attached to his designs.

The models come in for their fittings. These seem to go well for Josh and Anya, both of whom feel much more confident after the fittings. Viktor is similarly confident and can’t wait to show off his work. On that note, the designers go home.

On the “day” of the show, the designers get up at 3 in the morning and get ready for the big day. Anya tells Kimberly that she began designing after her brother died. Viktor tells Josh that he’s nervous about addressing the crowd. Even so, he’s still happy and excited to be going to Fashion Week. Josh is proud of his collection and thinks he’s grown over the season.