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The Amazing Race, Oct. 30 – Time to Cut the Hay

JJeremy and Sandy reach Memorial Tower and find the next clue, a Detour – All Sewn Up or Not Grown Up. In All Sewn Up, teams will make their way to a tailor shop in the Old Market, use old style manual sewing machines, and fix the unfinished seams of the suit jacket and pant legs of a customer. When he’s satisfied with the fit, the teams will get their next clue. In Not Grown Up, teams will visit a school and use scrap materials to build two traditional toy trucks that will be test-driven by the students. Sandy decides they will do Not Grown Up, as she can’t sew to save her life, and doesn’t know if she can hem a pair of pants. 

Laurence is the next racer to finish transporting the bales of tobacco, and calls the task “killer,” and a “young man’s deal.” Ernie/Cindy and Justin/Jennifer land on the grounds of Memorial Tower, the first team deciding to do the sewing, and the second team deciding on the toy trucks, as Justin thinks sewing machines can be tricky, getting tangled up all the time. Jennifer likes this task as well, as it’s something for students at a school, and that’s her whole life. 

Andy and Tommy arrive, and they, too, decide on building the toy trucks, as Tommy doesn’t think they’re quite grown up yet. Laurence and Zac arrive just after them, and they also are choosing to build the toy trucks.  Laurence suggests they’ll be like animals building it.

Cathi calls Amani and Marcus good people, but says every leg is survival here. It’s every woman for herself; every man for imself. The farmer does this task well, as he surprisingly finishes before the football player. Bill remarks it reminded him of hauling hay. Marcus finishes shortly after with Amani saying he enjoys hard work and admires what these Malawian men do for a living. The workers chant and shout and help him out of the work clothes. Near tears, he says that moment of those men supporting him was very special to him.

Jeremy and Sandy reach the school and start building. Jeremy has a six-year-old son, and notes going to this school makes him miss him like crazy. While it’s great to see these other kids, he wishes he could see his son. Ernie and Sandy’s driver can’t find the tailor shop and has to stop for directions. Bill and Cathi land at Memorial Tower, and she is a really good seamstress, so they decide on All Sewn Up. 

Justin and Jennifer  arrive at the school to build the toy trucks as Jeremy and Sandy are in the process of building theirs. Justin mentions being a physician, and at the root of surgery, it’s about breaking things down to build them back up, and he feels it’s the same with these trucks. Sandy wants to play soccer with the boys, and indeed gets to head butt a ball back to them.

Amani and Marcus reach Memorial Tower and decide to do the sewing. His mom and grandmother are both sewers, so he hopes this will pay off for them. Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac arrive at the school to build the toy trucks at the time same time. Laurence tells Sandy he would have figured she’d do the sewing challenge, figuring that’s what she does in the O.R. She’s a nurse practitioner, and does sew bodies, but not clothing. Laurence sticks himself with a tool as he’s saying all this, so it’s probably good he didn’t sew either. 

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the tailor shop at the same time as Bill and Cathi. They get the clothing to start sewing, and sit down at the machines. Cathi gets Bill’s help with the pedal. Jennifer is finding appreciation being at the school, saying it’s easier for them to buy toys at the store, while these people have to make their own. Tommy wants to build one of these trucks for his son later, but needs to remember how to do it.

Amani and Marcus arrive at the tailor shop while the other two teams are hard at work with this. Cathi knows some thing is not right with what she just sewed. The man at the shop tells her she wasn’t really sewing anything as the thread wasn’t in the needle. They sewed a whole leg without really doing anything. Bill knows they should have switched machines, but didn’t. Ernie and Cindy are still holding onto their Express Pass, but want to save it for later in the game when they really need it. Cathi gets the pants done, and Cindy knows she’s killing them. Marcus sits down to get this sewing done, saying his grandma is a great seamstress. 

Jeremy and Sandy think they have the trucks done. Once two kids are able to play with the trucks they built, they receive their next clue. It tells them to find the R-K Furniture Shop, a roadside market. Sandy kicks a soccer ball on her way out. Justin and Jennifer finish this task as well, as do Andy and Tommy. Tommy compares American kids with their fancy toys, to these kids that don’t need that much, just a simple truck that’s handmade. 

Back at the tailor, Ernie makes note that he holds the pants normally in their relationship, but with her doing the sewing, it seems to make things work more efficiently, as it was with Cathi doing the sewing for her and Bill. Meanwhile, Amani and Marcus are both doing the sewing. Cathi’s machine comes unthreaded again, while Ernie and Cindy finish. She is hoping the other Detour task was tougher. 

Sandy knows Justin and Jennifer are right on their tail, and indeed Justin and Jennifer reach the furniture shop just before them. They will now have to transport and carry two locally-made beds to Kumbali Village, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. They’ll need their beds for an overnight stay here. They are also told in these clues to have someone at the shop call a driver to help with the transport. Andy and Tommy arrive at this step as well.


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