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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 10 – Stop! Hammer Time!

Quickfire Hits
• Anyone else want to send a virtual hug to Elvis when he broke up a bit talking about the final cake he made for his mom?
• I kept wanting to wipe that dirt (actually a tiny bit of hair) off of Stephane’s chin. Way too hipster or French. Even if he is French. Not sure if he really is, but he might as well have been. Anyway, dumb facial hair transcends all nationality.
• It was fun watching the MOFs work. Sebastian zested limes, he broke down mango, he even washed dishes! And he guilted the others into joining in – or so it seemed.
• Macho doesn’t cook for the common palate. I know what she means, but boy, does that sound condescending!
• Loved Matt’s quote – “Chris’ showpiece is like, whoa, and so is Orlando’s…I mean, Sally’s.” HA!
• Better line of the Night – Gail after describing Hammer’s entremet as saucy and loose – “That’s how you can describe Dannielle and I.” BOOM! Which one is Saucy, and which one is Loose. That’s my question.
• Matt’s “Holy Shi*balls!” exclamation is a very close contender for quote of the week.
• Hammer never noticed Amanda’s tattoos? I hope that was in inside joke, because these guys went to a water park together.
• Extra – Matt and Hammer’s “Bromego” situation. It ain’t no bromance, kids.

Next week – Top Chef: Texas. Because Bravo is trying to kill me.

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