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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 10 – Stop! Hammer Time!

Macho – She had nice colors on her showpiece and built it around her entremets. Elvis liked the color integrity but not so much the Orlando involvement.

Entremet – Chocolate Mousse, Mango Vanilla Cream, Caramel Cremeux, Lime and Almond Sponge – Elvis raved about the even layers, and Gail found it very delicate.

Bread – Parker House Roll with Bacon, Onions and Gruyere The smell is amazing, and they all rave about it.

Bon Bon – Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate – Théoden likes the shell, and Elvis notes how it melts in your mouth. Presumably, not in your hands.

Plated – White Chocolate Espresso Mousse, Chocolate Cremeux, Cashew Nougatine and Ice Cream – She wanted to glaze her sphere, but ran out of time. It was noticed. Hasty liked it, and Dann liked how it popped open and all of these things came out. Others felt the presentation was off.

Hammer – The theme of the showpiece is industrialized, and it looks very much so. He lightened it with some flowers, and his bread is integrated. He displayed his bon bon on what appeared to be a piece of the showpiece. Nice. Unfortunately, one of the breads fell off, as the modeling chocolate got too hot during judging.

Entremet – Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Cremeux and Raspberry Jam – Elvis liked it. Plain and simple.

Bread – Brioche with Bacon Maple Butter – Elvis thinks the butter is more creative than the bread, but Hammer says it is just as important, and I agree. Plus, bacon friggin maple butter!! I want some now.

Bon Bon – Coffee-infused Ganache and Caramel – Elvis loved the finish, and Rebecca was right earlier when she called the caramel a winner for Hammer.

Plated – Almond Cake, Banana Caramel, Banana Ice Cream and Mango Sauce – It is found to be simple, with clean flavors, and as Théoden said, a home run. Maybe as big as this one.

Judges Table – Matt’s bon bon was adventurous, and Dann was happy to find a new flavor. Elvis questioned his use of sugar showpiece since he is not skilled. Dann found it to be a love letter to his wife. Aww. Elvis found the plated dish to be confusing, and Gail said no one knew how to eat it. Welcome to Third Place, Matt.
Macho defends her use of Orlando by saying she used her sous chefs where they are strongest, but everything was her ideas, techniques and design. Théoden said that the entremet cake looked fake, in a good way. That’s how well she integrated it. She knew her plated dessert was off, but Dann said her mom and sis would have loved it.

Gail thinks that Hammer’s design of his showpiece was extraordinary, even though it broke. Théoden was happy to se that the plated dessert was not another chocolate dish, and Elvis loved the colors and the crispiness.

The judges break it down – Macho won the bread portion easily. The bon bon was fairly evenly loved. The entremet was Hammer’s, but Macho’s was well-liked. And it came down to if Hammer’s broken showpiece was better than Macho’s exec producing of hers. Clearly, doing your own work won out and Hammer took home the gold.