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Project Runway 9, Episode 11 – Who Will Go to Fashion Week

The judges start with Anya, who wanted to represent herself as a Caribbean designer. There’s something to that, as she would appeal to both natives of the region and vacationers. Nina loves Anya’s first dress, which combines her Caribbean roots with elements from her last black dress. Heidi dislikes both the swimsuit, which she deems unflattering, and its cover-up, which is “drab” and “sad.” She and Michael also dislike the gown, and Michael goes so far as to say that it looks tortured. Michael does like Anya’s tropical vibe, but thinks her styling needs work. Nina tells Anya that her point of view makes her stand out and that she needs to embrace what makes her different.

The judges move on to Kimberly, who wanted to show her Brooklyn roots. She also wanted to make clothes that could be worn at different times of the day. The outfit with the royal blue pants would work as a daytime outfit, for instance, while the black dress would be evening wear. Michael can see Kimberly’s point of view in her clothes, and he appreciates the fact that she’s able to make sexy clothes without showing a lot of skin. Unfortunately, neither he nor Nina like the styling or the accessories used. He especially dislikes the fact that she paired royal blue shoes with the royal blue pants. (Agreed. I’d have picked a shoes of a neutral color.) Heidi hates the “bubble-butt” magenta skirt. Kimberly claims she made an ivory jacket, but it was too big for any of the models. Heidi’s afraid Kimberly could be eliminated simply for selecting the wrong clothes.

Viktor talks about the dead brother who’d inspired his work. He wanted to use prints. Michael likes his tailoring and use of prints, but again docks points for his accessories. Michael prefers the gray dress without the jacket, as he thinks the white jacket overwhelms it. He does like the jacket, but he thinks it would go better with black pants and a black shirt. Nina likes the top of the first dress, and discovers that the black leather bands decorating the skirt are detachable. The judges think the leather zipper skirt is too tricky. Viktor’s collection needs some editing.

Josh wanted to play with cuts and show off his draping skills. Heidi likes a lot of the pieces, but thinks the belt on the first dress looks like it belongs on a car seat. The buckle also looks cheap. Michael likes the jacket, even with the belt, and he also likes the second look. The third outfit looks fine from the front, but is way too low in the back. Nina thinks Josh did the best job of styling — and he has had problems in the past with that.

The judges then dismiss the designers to have their chat. Viktor’s pieces showed his usual impeccable tailoring, but his styling left something to be desired. Josh’s third look was hideous. Anya made only one good outfit, and Kimberly made a horrible skirt. All four designers are good, but all four have issues. Michael thinks the women choked this time around.

When the judges call everybody back in, Heidi tells them that they will have to “bring themselves to the next level.” Right, Heidi. You try making ten outfits in five weeks. In any case, all four designers are going to Fashion Week.

Next week: Fashion Week!

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