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Project Runway 9, Episode 11 – Who Will Go to Fashion Week

Finally, Tim visits Josh in Queens, and meets his sister… McKenzie. Oh, the poor woman. She’s spent her life being known as McKenzie McKinley. She talks about how Josh had been into track and field when he was younger– and he’d been good. He had been offered running scholarships, but chose to come to New York to pursue a career as a fashion designer instead.

Then Josh shows Tim his collection, confessing that it’s not as complete as he’d have liked it to be. Tim… hates it. Josh has chosen lots and lots of gaudy fabrics, including candy-colored solids and hideous prints. Tim thinks everything is on the edge of looking cheap and that Josh is depending on gimmickry. One textile make Tim want to cry– and Josh declares he’d planned to use it as a major focus. By the time Tim’s done, Josh is left with only two usable pieces.

So far, Viktor and Kimberly are doing fine, but Josh and Anya have major problems. Anya’s muse took a powder and Josh’s muse has been giving him horrible advice.

As Fashion Week draws near, the designers check into the Hudson Hotel, where they will be staying in a penthouse. Tim stops by to offer a champagne toast. Tonight the designers get to relax, but Tim will take them to their new workroom the next day.

The following morning, Tim does just that, and the designers organize their collections. As usual, they snipe about each other’s work. Anya doesn’t like Kimberly’s colors. Viktor doesn’t think Anya did anything different. Kimberly thinks Viktor’s pieces are too showy. And so forth.

Tim then tells the designers they need to pick out three pieces to show the judges. The models won’t be able to come in for their fitting until the next day. Tim then makes his rounds and starts with Viktor, who shows off a jacket. Viktor is completely confident in his work.

Josh has indeed altered his collection and mercifully ditched the day-glo colors. (I like color, but I’d rather not look like a human popsicle, and I suspect most adults would agree with me.) Tim doesn’t see cohesion in the three pieces Josh has chosen for the judges, which worries Josh.

Anya’s looks disappoint Tim, as he thinks she’s retreated to her comfort zone of maxi-dresses. He warns her the judges might not want to see the rest of her collection. Anya, devastated, confides that she knew what Tim was going to say. She feels like she let herself down, but there’s no time to do anything else. Josh notes that this is the first time that she’s not confident. Anya tells us, that during the first part of the competition, she didn’t worry about other people’s opinions. After going home, though, she’s seen how excited her friends and family are for her, and she fears letting them down. For the first time, she’s feeling the weight of other people’s expectations.

The next day, everybody gets dressed up for their final show before Fashion Week. Josh puts on one of his mother’s pins. Anya decides not to waste time on looks that won’t work. Viktor’s basically finished, but the other three are not. Tim stops by to tell the designers they’re right to be nervous. He then makes them feel worse by telling them only three will go on. He then sends in the models. After the usual hair and make-up montage, it’s off to the runway.

At the runway, the designers learn there’s no guest judge. It’s just Heidi, Nina, and Michael. Viktor is up first. His first look is a strapless leather purple and black mini-dress. His second look consists of separates: white pants with pink and purple print, a black top decorated with glass pieces, and a black jacket. His third look is a gray dress with a long train topped by a dazzling white jacket.

Anya’s up next. Her first look is a sleeveless brown print mini-dress. Her second look appears to be an attempt to show the judges something new: her first swimsuit. It’s a basic black one-piece, and it’s accompanied by a flowing, sleeveless, beige cover-up. Her final piece is a sleeveless, one-shouldered gold gown that suggests (strongly) her draping needs work.

Next up is Kimberly. Her first look is a pair of royal blue pants and a one-shouldered striped top. Her second look is a sleeveless royal blue top paired with a magenta skirt. Her last look is a glittery sleeveless black gown.

Josh is last. His first look consists of pink pants, a two-toned black and gray jacket with a belt, and a multi-colored print shirt. His second look is a sleeveless little black dress with a funny tab under the breasts. His final look… is strange. It starts with a red plastic yoke connecting to draped black fabric. Said fabric combines a gown with leggings.