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The Amazing Race, Oct. 23 – Smiling Through Elephant Poop

Bill/Cathi and Amani/Marcus are on their way to the pit stop. Marcus notes the other team may look like “Ma and Pop,” but they can run. Cindy is now pissed that she and Ernie got out of the cab. They other two teams arrive and run for the pit stop. The first team to arrive are Amani and Marcus. They are the first team to arrive, and are definitely ecstatic. So are Bill and Cathi standing nearby, as they know they are now team number two. Amani and Marcus win a trip for two to Bali. Marcus thinks they’re starting to get momentum and could be a team to watch out for.  Ernie and Cindy arrive and are told they are team number three. More ecstatic people.

Liz and Marie ask for directions, and this person tells them it will probably take them five hours to walk to the fish pond. That’s a long three blocks. They don’t have any money, so have no choice but to do it anyway. They’re in a really poor area and don’t feel right begging those people for money. 

Andy and Tommy arrive at the fish pond, just before Jeremy and Sandy. They feed the fish and head to the pit stop. Andy and Tommy try to run it, while Jeremy and Sandy hop in a cab. Justin and Jennifer arrive and feed the fish and take off for the pit stop. Liz and Marie stop walking and beg a taxi driver to take them, telling him they have no money. He agrees. 

Andy and Tommy stop for directions at a school, and the woman takes their clue and runs off to find someone with the answer, telling them to wait. They hope she gets an answer and that they’re not wasting their time. Laurence and Zac arrive at the fish pond and take off for the pit stop. 

Andy and Tommy are still waiting for the woman to come back, and Andy suggests they start pacing. A woman comes out and tells them the other woman is upstairs teaching, so they need to come inside and wait. They explain they are on a race and can’t. They ask to go up there, and are told no. They ask if they can call her. Andy feels it’s God’s will. A man comes down with their clue and the directions. They get in a cab this time. 

Justin and Jennifer arrive on Phil’s mat to be named team number four. They were hoping for first place, but will take fourth. Do they have a choice? Jeremy and Sandy ask for directions when their taxi stops and decide to walk. She doesn’t want to, saying they don’t know where they are. Liz and Marie arrive at the fish pond and know they have to beg for another free cab ride. They get another taker. 

Jeremy and Sandy are still out wandering around looking for the pit stop. Jeremy isn’t sure how others will do this, as everyone is low on cash, and they’re taking cabs all over the place. Andy and Tommy arrive on the mat, with Laurence and Zac just after them. Somehow after all this, these two teams are together again. They’re teams five and six. Phil asks what father and son were thinking to get off the first bus. They explain, and Phil tells them the first class travel rule only applies to air travel. They got off the bus for nothing. 

Sandy explains if this this the end for them, she’s very proud of Jeremy as he’s done more than she expected. He’s proud of her too. They wanted to make it further along than this though. Liz and Marie note that it eventually worked out for them, slowly but surely. It’s Jeremy and Sandy who are the next to arrive with Phil. He suggests they know what he’s going to say. Sandy starts crying, saying it’s been a rough day. He’s pleased to tell them, though, that they’re team number seven. She sheds even more tears, and Phil offers to eliminate them anyway.

Liz and Marie arrive on Phil’s mat. They are the last to arrive, and this time they are eliminated. He asks if this was about the money. They cry saying their dad passed away in December, and they wanted to do it for him to show him they’ll never give up. Phil suggests he’d be proud of them anyway. They think he would be too, as they’ve done a lot.

Not only that, but Liz and Marie should be proud of themselves. They showed a lot on this last leg of the Race. They were down, but not out. They continued through most of it with a smile on their faces, even though they knew they had a good chance of being eliminated. Even when faced with a five-hour walk, they tried it, instead of quitting. No matter what faith you have, Dad has to be smiling about that, no matter where he is.

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