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The Amazing Race, Oct. 23 – Smiling Through Elephant Poop

Jeremy/Sandy and Laurence/Zac arrive at the first Roadblock, with Sandy and Laurence jumping in the river to search for the clue. Tommy reassembles the house, but it isn’t correct. He did one side, and Andy the other, when they were taking it apart, so he doesn’t know what the other side is supposed to look like. His second attempt fails, so he and Andy run back to the local shop to look at the houses already set up. The only thing working in their favor with this is that others will probably struggle as well. 

Laurence and Sandy find their clues and take off for the local shop. Tommy draws out the spirit house on the back of the clue and takes off before anyone else sees him. Just now, Liz and Marie are leaving the pit stop at 1:35 PM, over an hour after Bill and Cathi. They aren’t sure why they’re smiling being in last place and having to do a Speed Bump, and they next launch into a story about their dad recently passing away, and that he taught them to stay in it and be successful. 

Amani/Marcus and Ernie/Cindy reach the first Roadblock with Marcus and Cindy opting to look for the clue in the water. Tommy finally reconstructs the house and gets a thumbs up from the person judging it. Their next clue tells them to travel by bus to Bangkok, and head to the Bangkok Noi Canal where they need to feed the fish to get the next clue. It makes sense to Tommy, as he thought it smelled like fish food.

Justin and Jennifer arrive at the local shop, and Marcus has the same concerns the snowboarders did. He’s worried they will have to put it back together and won’t remember how. Jennifer gets smart and has their cab driver take a picture of it with his camera phone. 

Marcus finds the next clue just before Cindy. They both take off for the local shop with their partners. Amani and Marcus arrive at the second Roadblock, and she will have to do this one. Jeremy/Sandy and Laurence/Zac arrive at the local shop, and Sandy tells Jeremy to pay attention, as she’s sure they’ll have to reassemble the spirit house. Jeremy takes notes, and Zac feels they should as well, but his dad tells him no, which will bite them in the butt in a little bit., and could be the reason we hear Laurence explaining earlier about Zac following everything he says

Amani wants to be sure she gives the proper respect to the spirit house as she reassembles it, saying she wouldn’t want anyone to come into her church and disrespect her crosses. She gets the rebuilding wrong on the first try and asks for the driver’s phone to refresh her memory. She had forgotten a few pieces in the taxi. She gets it approved on the second attempt, and they take off for the bus terminal..

Liz and Marie are ecstatic to be around the elephants, as it’s the favorite animal of one of them. (Still can’t keep them straight unless they are saying their names.) Laurence/Zac and Jeremy/Sandy arrive at the second Roadblock, and Zac and Jeremy must do the task since their partners did the first Roadblock. 

Bill and Cathi land at the first Roadblock, and Cathi decides to do this one. Zac fails at his first attempt at rebuilding the spirit house, as Jeremy notes he’s doing it all wrong. Zac fails for a second and third time, and says his dad didn’t want him to take notes, but he’s going to have to go back and take them anyway. Meanwhile, Jeremy passes, and he and Sandy take off for the bus station. Laurence is ticked that Zac has to go back and take notes, feeling he could have sailed through it himself. I wonder if that would turn out like him saying how easy it was to navigate off a map, then getting lost last week.

Cathi finally finds the clue, and she and Bill take off. Liz and Marie get to work with the elephants for their Speed Bump, and they’re ecstatic. They have to/get to wash and clean up after the elephants. They enjoy it. Zac takes his notes and heads back to the Roadblock as Ernie/Cindy and Amani/Marcus are arriving at the local shop. While Amani takes notes, Cindy just wants a second look at what the houses are supposed to look like, but Ernie doesn’t even want to take the time to do that, reasoning it doesn’t say they have to reassemble it.

Zac arrives back at the second Roadblock and this time is approved when he rebuilds the house. He and his dad take off for the bus station, and he explains they lost some time because they were rushing through it. Amani and Ernie start rebuilding the spirit houses, with Ernie saying he thinks he remembers what it’s supposed to look like. 

Liz and Marie are still cleaning up elephant poop, and are so ecstatic to clean the baby elephants. Bill and Cathi come striding by on their elephant transport and ask how it’s going. The twins say it’s awesome. They get done and get to “board” their newly cleaned transport.


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