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Scare Tactics, October 17 – Maggots and Flesh Eating Plants

As always, Scare Tactics features an accomplice, a victim and the infamous freak-out, as well as host Tracy Morgan who offers the comedy and fun witty commentary for the show. The first prank this week features Rama, who believes he is being featured on a random show called “Clean My Crib,” in which the house features a creepy butler. His friend Joel is happy to set him up, because he believes that Rama is worried about everything from Global warming to life in general, so why not scare the hell out of him?

As Rama and the producer examine the house, they are free to walk around after butler Egore releases them. Rama runs into a room they believe a spirit is in, yet it looks more like a tornado went through it. There are maggots on the floor. They should call Mary Maids or ever maybe contact Hoarders. As the butler reappears, he wants them to meet his deceased master, Rama and the producer freak out. While the butler talks to his master, he begins shouting, “Are you scared?” Rama tries to jump out a window. Joel finally comes out, and Rama calms down a bit and realizes he has been set up for Scare Tactics.”

The next prank features a brother and sister; you have to love those brothers and sisters. Kayla is setting her brother up, yet brother Danny is setting her up at the same time. They all go into a lab and prepare to investigate a strange plant, and the so-called scientist is giving both brother and sister directions.

It makes you wonder why these people would not seek out new friends. The producer is giving Kayla advice, and Danny is receiving advice as well. Kayla and Danny are preparing to be attacked by a fake alien named Crista along with a death rod. Do aliens even have death rods? The scientist is trying to get them to communicate with the aliens. Kayla is being too nonchalant and silly; I would not have believed her at all.

The scientist freaks out and goes over some more information and they get tied up. Kayla begins screaming, and her brother comes running in, as well as the fake alien who her brother attacks and then stabs, or does he? Of course not, because he is on Scare Tactics. While the fake alien lays bleeding to death, both sister and brother realize in frustration that they are both on Scare Tactics. They ought to make a Christmas card for their friends and family!

You don’t want to drink the blue juice; you never want to even consider drinking the blue foaming or smoking blue juice. Tarek is next. His friend Naail got him a job as a doorman in an exclusive club, and they are always the worst! Tarek watches the strange bottles sit on the counter, and also people moving around the club.

This secret club influenced The Stepford Wives, yet they make a Cocoon reference. His boss takes him into the back room and ask just how old he thinks he is. Are we filming Death Becomes Her? Tarek makes a run for it and literally goes through the wall shouting, “Are you crazy?”

The last one features Giancarlo and Marco who was asked if he wanted to prank his brother, and of course he said yes! Giancarlo is taken into a makeshift lab and Giancarlo and Carissa the lab assistant help him put the seeds into his future alien flesh-eating plant! What a wonderful world. Of course Carissa is one of the nosy people who have to touch everything and look at everything, so now she is contaminated.

Carissa’s lungs are burning, and she is turning red. So why is Giancarlo still standing there? Run like hell! Carissa is talking away, as the scientist gives some advice to Giancarlo that the plant is a flesh-eating one. He looks upset, very upset, he and his fellow co-worker. Tony, one of the lab techs, gives Carissa a shot, and she drops over. Carissa is red and blotchy as she drops with her make-believe flesh-eating disease.

The lab tech suggests ending it, saying his life is over. She then announces how she is ending it, by telling him she is going to put him on Scare Tactics. His fear number is all the way to a forty.

As usual, the people fall for this insanity, but it is funny and smart. Tracy Morgan makes for a great host, and he announces before the show ends to make sure the audience watches their backs, and to be sure they can trust their sneaky friends. Happy Hauntings. Make sure to watch next week’s all new episode of Scare Tactics on the Syfy channel, Monday at 9/8c. And see if Tracy Morgan is coming for you.

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