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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 9 – And Then There Were Three

Judges Table – For Hammer, Elvis said it looked like a photo of Beef Wellington. His frozen bread surprised them, since the others all made their own bread. For Matt, Kat complemented the sweet/salty rolls and the look of the dish. Gail said that he needed to do more with the ingredients; it was safe. No tomatoes disappointed Elvis, as he makes tomato/berry sauces from time to time. For Orlando, Elvis thought the fruits worked well together, but the rice did not. Théoden wanted mussels. Orlando said he kept editing himself, based on past critiques. But Gail said that this was the one time editing was not needed. Do’h! For Macho, they were impressed it was so good considering her self-imposed time crunch. It looked and tasted great, but was messy.

Gail’s expectations were low, but she walked out impressed. This was clearly a nitpick elimination, and Macho came out on top, and Hammer in second. Matt survived and Orlando went home.

Quickfire Hits
• The pre-episode puns during the previouslies really, really have to stop. They’re getting worse each week.
• Cute move by Hammer and Matt dedicating their sugary breakfast to Carlos. However, I was curious that they could say Cap’n Crunch, but couldn’t show the Captain on the box. And that other box was totally Honey Nut Cheerios. You ain’t fooling any of us, Show!
• Guest Suzanne Goin (I keep wanting to say Gloin, as in Gimli, son of Gloin) said that people eat wtih their eyes first. I tried that but it just scratched up my glasses.
• Safe to say that Kat Cora is the first hot Iron Chef for us straight guys. Of course, I am sure that is not high on the Food Network casting requirements. And clearly, based on Orlando’s reactions, her appeal crosses barriers.
• If Orlando ever doubted his gayness, his expalanation of being gay should do it. He has been interested in tall dudes, not “supermodels with long eyelashes.” Because that’s what straight guys usually talk about first – the eyelash.
• Juvenile humor portion – Macho wants to use something as a pickle. Hammer has hot nuts in the oven. Matt thinks they smell good. Good times.
• Macho made the home call – often a kiss of death, but this week the exception – more than one home call. Orlando’s was the kiss of death.
• Extra – Everyone lusting after Kat. Understandable.

Next week – The End.

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