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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 9 – And Then There Were Three

Sadly, I can’t find the clip in English.

So, Macho pulls out the impressive win after not actually having an idea in place by the time Elvis did his walk through. Hammer’s seemed overall very solid, despite the pastry (which I thought could have been his downfall). Matt’s looked amazing – I loved how he carved out the pasta ridges with his Exacto Knife. However, the flavors were not complex, so he fell into the Bottom Two with Orlando.

Now we have our Finale next week, and in two weeks, we’ll be back again with the latest Classic Top Chef season. Because Bravo wants to kill me.

Elimination Challenge – Make fake real food. Basically. Matt freezes tubes of mousse and wraps into his shell. He tells Elvis that he was going to make a berry and tomato sauce, but he bails on that idea. In what may have saved him, he chooses to make a basil gelee to go on top and knocks that out of the park. Orlando uses plums as his fish, and beets as his chorizo. And nothing speaks to dessert goodness more than beets and rice. Hammer said he has done this dish before, and at first I thought that if he has made Beef Wellington desserts before, why did it take him so long to decide? But clearly, he meant he has made Beef Wellington, so I should learn to pay more attention.

Many judges – the main ones are Gail, Elvis, Théoden and Iron Chef Kat Cora. Others include Gloin, see the Quickfire Hits for that nickname (AOC Lucques and Tavern), Michael Cimarusti (Providence), John Sedlar (Playa and Riveria), Sang Yoon (Father’s Office and Lukshon). I will call them Gloin, Rusti, Yoon and Newt (Sedlar looks like Newt Gingrich’s better looking cousin).

Matt – Manicotti – Crème Fraiche Cake with Mascarpone-Ricotta Mousse, Strawberry Compote, and Basil Gelee with Parker House Rolls Kat thinks it looked awesome and had a nice flavor. Yoon thinks he went all out, while Théoden made some salt comment. Damn accent. Gloin thought that after half of the dish she had enough – no surprises.

Hammer – Beef Wellington – Puff Pastry, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Jam and Salted Caramel – Théoden is impressed with the layering, and Kat thinks he did a great job with the graduated temperatures and colors. Elvis found it delicious, but not overpowering.

Orlando – Paella – Coconut and Saffron Rice, Tuile, Compressed Plums and Roasted Beets – They did not like the broken up rice texture, although Elvis was happy with Orlando’s light hand on the saffron. Kat thought the presentation was beautiful, but Gloin was not happy with the beet chorizo, even if Rusti disagreed.

Macho – Cuban Sandwich – Brioche, Cream Cheese Mousse, Strawberry Caramel and Potato Salad Macho also made plantain chips and pineapple pickles. The mousse was the fake pork, and the caramel was the ham. The potato salad consisted of pineapple, banana and Asian pear. Newt felt that this was the only dish that transported him to that country. Elvis thought the mousse was messy.