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Interview With Rob Cesternino of Survivor: All Stars

by aurora

Rob Cesternino’s fans were disappointed that he didn’t last as long as he should have in All Stars. But there’s good news for us! Rob will be hosting a new show called “Amazon Challenge” in the near future. Find out what he has to say about that as well as his time on Survivor!

[b]I just read that you’ve been signed to host a very unique new show called “Amazon Challenge”. Congrats! Can you tell us a bit about that show?[/b]

I am really excited about the “Amazon Challenge”, unfortunately the concept of the show is a very closely guarded secret, so I can’t comment on it, but it’s a really out of this world idea. In the mean time I’m really working very hard on my stand-up comedy act and I feel really good about the direction it’s going.

[b]You became a victim of your own reputation on All Stars. Do you think there’s anything you could have done to prevent that, or was it inevitable to you? What was your strategy going in?[/b]

It’s really hard to second guess myself in the All-star game. I really think I ran into a buzzsaw in Rob and Amber. They had the tight alliance from Day 1 and in a tribe of 6 that’s a big obstacle to overcome. I talked with Big Tom at the finale that me and him should’ve made our own alliance, but hindsight is 20/20. I thought that the right strategy was to try to stick with them (as did many others), but Romber was smart enough to know that I was someone who would turn on them later on. I was trying to play it too safe and I got burned, but had I been more agressive, I think that they’d have been more likely to get rid of me.

[b]You caught on pretty quickly to the threat that Rob and Amber posed. Why do you think no one else was willing to go against them before it was too late?[/b]

I’ve always said that a two-some is a very dangerous thing in Survivor, and that’s why I wanted to break them up. However, I saw very quickly that I wasn’t in a tribe that wanted to shake things up, so I just tried to get in with the majority. I think that too many of us were just willing to play it safe, while Boston Rob (to his credit) was willing to put it all on the line, and it payed off big. Survivor seasons follow one of two patterns (A) Everybody plays the game really safe, but one player takes control and dictates the vote and everyone else follows, and the game is very predictable. (B) Many players try to dictates the vote and since there aren’t enough followers the game becomes very unpredictable.

[b]After being voted out you spent some time with Tina and Rudy. What was that like? What are your impressions of the two of them now?[/b]

I had a blast with Tina and Rudy. Richard was with us too at the loser lodge. I don’t think I ever could have imagined three years ago that I would be going on a vacation with Richard, Rudy and Tina someday. I had a very different opinion of Tina before the game (like when I called her a phony), but she’s one of the nicest people I ever met. Rudy is my favortie. I had the best time with him. The first morning after I was voted off Rudy said to me “You know, after four weeks, either we’re gonna be buddies or we’re gonna hate each other”. Luckilly we became great buddies, and I loved hearing all his stories about all his NAVY experiences and from the first Survivor. I didn’t know this, but Rudy claims alledgedly that Richard Hatch is “Queer”.

[b]If you had been part of the jury, would you have voted for Rob M. or Amber? Why?[/b]

If I was on the jury I would’ve voted for Rob, no doubt about it. I think he played the hardest game and was responsible more so than any other player for it’s outcome. That being said, the object of the game is to take people out in a way so that they can come back and award you the game, and in that aspect, he didn’t do a good job. So I think that had this not been an All-star game (and people not had prior relationships) Rob would’ve had a better chance at forgiveness from the jury.

[b]You’ve been wearing the well-earned title of “Best Survivor Never to Win” since the Amazon. Do you think that title should now be shared with Rob Mariano, or was his strategy flawed?[/b]

I don’t think anybody can really knock Boston Rob’s strategy, because it worked pretty well. If he really wants to share the “best survivor never to win” with me I think we can work something out, but I think that Rob has his hands full with trying to share stuff right now, lol.

[b]We didn’t get to hear anything at all from you at the reunion show, and then at America’s Tribal Council Jeff throws you an insult. Did that upset you at all?[/b]

I didn’t really consider what Jeff said to be an insult, I thought it was pretty funny. As far as the first show goes, it’s tough to talk to 18 people in less than an hour. I think that Jeff just did the best job he could. At the Amazon finale, Butch didn’t even get to talk and he was in the final four, so I don’t have too much to complain about.

[b]Were there any members of the “cast” you were surprised to see in Panama? Any obvious choices you feel were overlooked for All Stars?[/b]

All the people that I was suprised to see in Panama all ended up doing really well, so what do I know? I’ve always said that I would have included all the winners (especially Brian H).

[b]Would you ever consider doing Survivor again?[/b]

I would definatley consider doing a Survivor again, but I can’t imagine a set of circumstances that would bring me back to playing the game. Survivor was the definately one of the most fun times of my entire life.

[b]Has the way you played Survivor interferred with the way people see you on a personal level? What elements of your personality do you feel people are missing out on if they base their opinion of you solely on what they saw on television?[/b]

A lot of people have been talking about this since Jerri-gate at the finale, and I can’t say that Survivor has had a negative impact on any relationship I’ve had in real life. Even if somebody thought you were the biggest jerk on television, when you meet that person in real life and you’re not a jerk, that perception changes in about 2 seconds.

[b]Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Rob! Good luck with your future endeavors![/b]

Great interview, all the best!


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