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X-Factor, Oct. 16 – Day Late and $5 Million Short

tells Steve she can’t even express how much she wants to be put through. Simon says there’s something about her where he always thought she fit in the show. Savan agrees there’s something about her when she’s performing, that makes it hard to take your eyes off her. They all agree they’d need to work with her, though.

Christa Collins, 32, a hairdresser from L.A., made an impression on Simon at Boot Camp, but she’s here to perform for Nicole and Enrique. She was the first child star artist to be signed  to Disney Records, and claims she was the prototype for what eventually became Britney and Christina. It could be glamorous, but it was just a short bit, while the rest was grueling labor, which was hard for her, as she retired at 16, and now regrets it. She sings No Surprises, and this is the defintion of the X-Factor. You truly can’t take your eyes off her, unlike TIah. She’s captivating, clearly retaining some of what she learned through Disney. She ciries after, saying on the stage performing is the only place she feels whole.

Enrique likes Christa, and says it just hit him. She cries tears of joy and relief afterward. Nicole notes there is a lot of pain in the song, so she would have liked to have seen more of that pain and emotion in the performance.

Next up is a group put together of solo artists and smaller groups that were cut in the last round. They are Intensity, ages 12-17. When they got called back, it was an amazing feeling. They are in different places around the country so didn’t even sing together until a few days ago. However, they’ve been skyping ideas for the group. Getting to the live shows is their goal now as a group. They sing a music montage where they shout out their names and also mix in some old Hall & Oates and the song That’s Not My Name

Paula thinks this group ended up gelling really well. After asking Paula and Pharrell for hugs, they tell Steve they think their performance is enough to get them into the live shows. Pharrell compares them to a cookie, with a lot of real star morsels in there. Paula finds them talented, but thinks the biggest challenge is they’ll need more time to gel. 

Chris Rene, 28, a trash collector from Santa Cruz, California, is up to sing for L.A. and Rihanna. He finds this lifestyle of the rich and famous out there to be insane. It’s sure a far cry from his time in rehab. He promised the judges if they put him through, he’d stay straight. He was rocking out in a band at the age of 12, but is now collecting trash. There’s a voice telling him still that he’s not good enough, yet, he wants to do this for his son. He sings Everyday People and puts it into a rap. I don’t know where he got the idea to rap this out, but it really works. L.A. knew what he was doing picking this song for him.

Rihanna tells L.A. Chris has something special, and she wants to know more about him. L.A. admits Chris is one of the special ones. Whether he wins $5 million or not isn’t important. What is, is that he stays true to who he is. However, L.A. has never seen him that uncomfortable before, so he thinks maybe Rihanna was intimidating him.

The last contestant to sing tonight, and the last for Simon Cowell, is Melanie Amaro, 19, from Sunrise, Florida. She was impressive from the first note she sang in her audition. Simon had told her that his hope in bringing this show to America was to find someone like her. She’s nervous, anxious, and excited right now, as she doubted herself enough to think she wouldn’t get this far, but she’s never wanted anything more. She sings Will You Be There, and is nothing short of great. Something we see on Idol as well, she was so great in her original audition, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for her to top it.

Simon just lays down afterwards and pantomimes ripping something up. I imagine it’s his notes on all the other people he saw that day. She tells Steve she is really happy and put her heart into it. He talks after about the look of confidence he got from her. One of the producers wonders what she’d do with a more contemporary song.

Tuesday’s episode is yet another at the judges’ homes, but everyone has already performed, so assumably, it will be similar to American Idol’s “Green Mile” episodes. They will probably meet with each of the thirty-two contestants and tell them if they are making it or not. I seriously have no idea how they will get down to just sixteen. There are going to be some tough choices!

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