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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 4 – A Mighty Wind’s A-Blowin’

Route Markers
• Indonesia has 129 volcanoes. I have nothing there, I just found that interesting.
• Laurence said something wise about Race strategy – he said that if they make a mistake, he wants to make sure they make it with another team. That makes sense since you know that at least you have a 50-50 shot to beat one team.
• Jeremy 2.0 said that going to Bucket (sigh) was going to be foreign. Great, we have another Captain Obvious this season.
• I know the show harped on the Dudes and Magellans mistake about going to Jakarta, but that wasn’t the problem. Their problem was not booking the second leg. Unless the rules changed, they can book that and change for a better flight. If they did change, then it was risky to pass up on the easy safe option for what might have been just a slight gain.
• It was worth it though to see the Dudes fool around and tickle the Magellans on the line. That was pretty funny. And how did they pass the Magellans in Phuket? That seems like an inconsequential bad cab ride to me.
• Gotta love hilarious cab drivers. A Race staple.
• Anyone not see the Bunching coming after the flight? Oh, well, hello and welcome to your first episode of The Amazing Race. Better late than never.
• How come I am not surprised that the Siblings were the ones to make the King of the World Titanic joke?
• How fortunate the Pollards watched a show on the 2004 tsunami with the kids before the Race. That sounds like something Cindy would do.
• Juvenile Humor of the Week – Sandy: “Why is this not long enough?”
• I love how Thailand has all of these fun names for the islands. This season it is Soap Island, in Season 1 it was Chicken Island. Lots of fun.
• Either the NFL is not as tough as I thought, or the Amazing Race is tougher than it appears, but a kayak challenge whipped Marcus more than anything in his life? This man was a pro football player!
• There exists a floating village in this world? That was cool. And they have their own soccer field!
• How many people upon learning that they just won five thousand dollars would instantly think of other people? Dudes – “Our wives are coming on the trips with us!” And, complementing the greeter’s beard? Perfect.
• My son has a responsibility chart on his wall, where he gets magnets for doing tasks and chores. One chore is to not whine. I hate whining. Meanwhile, the Twins, not so much. “You’re going so sa-low-uh!” Ugh. Bad moment.

DetourCoral Restoration or Beach Preparation – In Coral, teams help rebuild the coral reef and Thai tourism years after the 2004 tsunami hit. In Beach, they put 20 chairs and 10 umbrellas in the proper order on the beach. Coral – Dudes and Siblings. Peytons, New Jeremy, and Geritol all flipped from this to Beach. Beach also had Control Freak, Magellans and the Twins.

Roadblock – Who wants to be King of the Hill? Climb the side of an island rock face to get a clue out of a birds nest. I wonder what kind of bird lays Amazing Race clues. Roadblock taken by – Andy, Jennifer, Zac, Amani, Jeremy, Ernie, Bill and Marie.

Order of Finish – Dudes (win five grand each), Siblings, New Jeremy, Magellans, Control Freak, Peytons, Geritol and Twins (NOT ELIMINATED)

Next week – We have elephants. And somehow the Twins have no money.

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