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Project Runway 9, Episode 11 – Showing One's Range

Tim comes in to make his rounds and he comments on how quiet the workroom is. With ten designers present, he’d expected a bit more noise. He stops by Laura first, who shows him three dresses covered with circles. He doesn’t think she should use the circle lattice in all three of her pieces. He suggests scaling it back.

He then stops by Kimberly, who shows him a photograph of the “New Beginning” sculpture. He’s uncertain about her asymmetrical coat and leather pants and comments that another garment reminds him of the Statue of Liberty. I have to note here that Kimberly is very tall. When the designers line up on the runway, she appears to be at least as tall as Josh. Here she looks as if she’s about the same height as Tim– who, according to some websites, is around 6’2″.

Viktor explains his inspiration to Tim and shows off his jacket, which Tim call organic and sophisticated. Josh tells Tim that he’s playing with soft and hard looks and shows off a mesh-covered shirt that Tim likes. Tim encourages him to take risks. Anya tells us that she doesn’t like Josh’s fabric choices– and I’m not going to recap every single comment one designer makes about another designer’s garments or fashion sense. It’s practically a given, particularly at this point, that they’d talk trash about each other.

Speaking of Anya, she’s also been inspired by the sculptures on Governor’s Island. She’s working on a dress, a gown, and some pants. Josh sneers to us that she’s not showing enough of a range and should make a jacket. He wonders if she even knows how. Shut up and focus on your own work, please.

The models come in for their fitting and Kimberly discover that her pants need more material. A lot more material, since the model is basically giving everybody a free show. Becky worries that Kimberly doesn’t seem to have a clear vision, as she keeps changing her mind about things. She’s afraid Kimberly won’t win. Bert, on the other hand, has faith in Anya, but notes her designs leave no room for error. Viktor wonders if she can make sleeves or tailored pants.

Laura, waxing emotional, tells us she’s wanted to show on Fashion Week ever since she was 13 years old. In what might be another dig at Anya, she tells us that she learned to sew when she was eight. Yes, yes, it’s important that a designer know how to sew, but they need other skills, too, like the ability to choose good fabrics or determine what looks flattering on a given body type.

On the day of the runway show, Kimberly decides to scrap her pants. Tim sends in the models. Viktor tells us that he thinks that he’s definitely going to Fashion Week, and that he and Josh are the most worthy of doing so. We get the usual hair and make-up montage, after which Josh assures us that he and Viktor have a lock on Fashion Week, while “the girls” will have to duke it out for the third spot. First off, he’s wrong: Viktor and Anya are the ones who have a lock on Fashion Week. Second, the women are all older than he is, so he has no business calling them “girls.”

Tim gives his ten-minute warning. Laura notices that one of her dresses doesn’t quite fit, and Anya realizes that one of hers is inside-out. Tim comments that said dress will have to come with instructions if it’s ever sold.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the guest judge, Zoe Saldana of Star Trek and Avatar fame. She’s also a founding partner of MyFDB.com or “My Fashion DataBase.”

Josh is up first. His first look is a cream mini-dress with a sleeveless black mesh top. His second look is a silver skirt with a red and black tank top and a black vest. His final look is a black tank top with a large, translucent, silver piece of fabric draped over it. It screams, “I ran out of time!”

Kimberly is next. Her first look is a bulky, screamingly bright orange coat with a black scarf. I’m glad she decided to tackle a coat, but she really should have picked another color. Any other color. Her second look is a silver skirt and a sleeveless orange top with a boob window. Her last look is a silver mini-dress.

It’s Laura’s turn and her first look is a cream blazer decorated with the black circle fabric. There’s also a plain white skirt. Her second look is a messy-looking pinkish-cream dress with black trim. Her third look is a short-sleeved cream grown with the black circle fabric over it.