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The Amazing Race, Oct. 16 – Expecting the Unexpected

Amani starts her rock climb as Jeremy and Sandy arrive, with him deciding he’ll do it. Sandy has confidence in Jeremy, and Marcus encourages Amani, as she reaches it before Jeremy. They take off for the pit stop as Jeremy gets the clue from the nest. They see Ernie and Cindy pull up. Sandy asks Cindy what happened, then helps her out, telling her there are still two teams behind them. Cindy knows this won’t be any problem for Ernie, as they practiced rock-climbing before starting the Race. Bill and Cathi arrive at the Roadblock, and he tells her he will do the Roadblock.

Apparently the navigating thing wasn’t as easy as Laurence felt it would be, as they are lost. He figures either the map or compass is off. Ernie gets the clue, and they leave for the pit stop. Liz and Marie reach the Roadblock and hurry to the cliff to begin the climb. Bill starts the climb, as Cathi explains they had already decided they don’t know how long they will remain in the Race, so when it makes sense for him to do a Roadblock, he will. She also shouts out to him that she likes her view; this is said while she watches him climb from the back. The twins aren’t there yet still, so she thinks they’re in good shape.

Laurence and Zac see another boat or racers and follow them. Laurence calls himself and his son “useless sailors.” Approaching the floating village, Marcus says he’s seen a lot of stadiums, but never played in one. He hopes he can get a lot of applause and finish fourth. They arrive around the same time as Jeremy and Sandy, and Laurence and Zac finally get there right after. They’re all wandering the village looking for the stadium. 

The first team to reach Phil’s mat are Jeremy and Sandy who are shocked to find they are team number three. She knows they still have a lot to work on, and need to just continually be positive. He talks about other people having communcation problems, and believes they just need to cut each other some slack sometimes. Arriving right behind them are Laurence and Zac to be named team number four.

Amani and Marcus are still searching for the stadium as Ernie and Cindy arrive. The latter are named team number five, and Amani and Marcus team number six. Liz and Marie are disappointed on the way to the pit stop, saying it’s like riding to their death. You never know; maybe this will be a non-elimination. It kind of has that feel to it.

Bill and Cathi arrive on Phil’s mat and are named team number seven. Liz and Marie get there next and say they figured they were the last to arrive, as they haven’t seen anyone else for a couple hours. Phil asks if they are glad they came on the Race. Here it comes. He hasn’t eliminated them yet, so probably won’t. He tells them it’s their lucky day, and one of them screams so loudly I got chills. They are setting out to prove they deserve to be there, saying it’s not as easy as it looks.

Well, it’s been going unpredictably, and this week only became prodictable at the very end. There was just a feel to it. I had a hunch Liz and Marie weren’t going home, and once Phil just said they were last, but didn’t say they were eliminated, it was obvious. After watching Andy and Tommy go from first to last to first again in one leg, anything can happen next week.

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