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The Amazing Race, Oct. 16 – Expecting the Unexpected

Ernie and Cindy have come up with an idea for getting the umbrellas and chairs to stay put. They get ocean water and pour it around the bases of the beach furniture trying to make the sand more heavy and dense. Laurence and Zac are just muscling in their furniture. Marcus keeps shouting “Let’s go crazy,” and Amani laughs, saying he just likes to pick up little catchphrases, so they’ll be going crazy the rest of the day. 

Liz and Marie explain you would think they would know how to put up the chairs and umbrellas, as they were beach lifeguards, but there was a chair and umbrella person who did that, who they have newfound respect for. They somehow get Sandy to ignore her own challenge for a little bit to help them. Jeremy is upset with her because she just put the furniture up, not paying any attention to spacing. He believes they can move their relationship forward in leaps and bounds, and learn from the experiences.

Andy and Tommy arrive at the sheer cliff, and Andy begins the climb. Tommy thinks he looks like a little monkey. He gets the clue fairly quickly. The clue from the nest tells them to drive in the boat to the next pit stop, a stadium at a floating village that was designed to provide easy access to fishing. They want to take off before seeing any other teams, and do.

Justin and Jennifer are arriving, and Jennifer starts the climb, making Justin nervous. He tells her to use her legs. She does, and makes it easily. He’s proud of her, and it’s a very nice change of pace for these siblings. Ernie and CIndy are the first to get the tables and umbrellas set up correctly, and get the clue to head out with the compass. The next to finish are Laurence and Zac. 

Sandy thinks they are done as well, but Jeremy asks if the chair rungs matter. She claims they don’t. She would be wrong. Amani and Marcus get theirs approved, as Cathi notices hers and Bill’s are further back than theirs. They try to copy that style. Marcus gives Liz and Marie some tips as they head out. Jeremy and Sandy are finally approved. 

Andy and Tommy arrive in the floating village and run through looking for Phil and his mat. They find him fairly quickly and are named team number one for the third time. They receive $5000 each. Andy says “the wives are comin’ on the trips” with them. Phil notes that they absolutely “smoked this course.” Tommy replies they are just so stoked on this thing about “claiming first.” They’re going to just continue to play it smart. Andy is just too busy being enamored by the local greeter’s beard.

Justin and Jennifer arrive at the pit stop and Phil names them team number two. She explains it’s been a rough day, Phil tells her his measure of a rough day is when she does her look. He asks her to shown him the look, and she does. He’s working on learning it, and for him it will only work if he raises that eyebrow.

Laurence and Zac reach the Roadblock with Zac deciding to do it. Liz and Marie are still losing their umbrellas as Bill and Cathi get approved. Cathi tells the girls to keep at it and try to find a shovel or something to help them dig. Ernie and Cindy are lost on their way to the Roadblock, as Armani and Marcus make it before them. She expresses she wants to do the Roadblock, but is mostly asking more than telling.

As Zac makes the climb, Laurence explains he doesn’t like heights too much, as he has a bit of vertigo. Ernie and Cindy realize they are a little off course. Jeremy and Sandy grab the clue at the Roadblock and see there are only three left after them. Liz and Cindy are still trying to bury their furniture. 

Ernie and Cindy see a boat with flags and think at first that it’s a clue, but instead it’s just a boat with flags. They have no idea where they are, as she says, “This is not good.” They finally see the correct destination, realizing he was reading the compass wrong. Liz and Marie continue working, and now arguing, on the beach, complaining that they’ve been there for about three hours.

Zac gets his clue from the nest, and as he and his dad look at a map of the pit stop, Laurence explains they’ve navigated around the world, and this is just basic navigation. Something about that statement spells trouble. Ernie and Cindy finally reach the Roadblock with him deciding he’ll do it. Liz and Marie are finally approved, and one of them starts crying, but denies it.


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