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The Amazing Race, Oct. 16 – Expecting the Unexpected

The clue mentions the tsunami that devastated Phuket, and that the Detour will give the teams a chance to help rebuild the tourism industry. They’ll choose from Coral Reconstruction or Beach Preparation. In Coral, teams will construct a coral nursery and load it onto a kayak. Thy’ll take it out to buoy, and place the coral into the nursery. A marine biologist will approve their work. In Beach, teams will collect ten umbrellas and chairs, and match them up via corresponding sticker from their clue, and set them up per the standards of the club. 

Ernie/Cindy, Laurence/Zac, and Liz/Marie do the Beach Construction, while the other five teams do Beach Preparation. Justin rides the front of the speedboat on the way to the Coral Reconstruction, saying, “I’m the king of the world!” Sandy mentions her rough night sleeping on the beach, but is happy to be on the water now, as it’s so pretty. 

Andy and Tommy are the first to arrive in their speedboat, and start constructing the coral nursery right away. The other teams land behind them and all start heading to their chosen Detour. Laurence and Zac go the wrong way and head towards Beach Prep instead of Coral Reconstruct. They realize their mistake and decide to stick with it. Building the nursery, Amani remembers watching a program about the coral reef being damaged along with their kids. It’s nothing new here, as Justin and Jennifer are arguing once again. 

Liz and Marie can’t find the right chairs and umbrellas. Ernie gets in there and grabs what he and  Cindy need, saying he feels sorry for the twins, as if you don’t have a lot of strength, you won’t be able to get what you need, because everything is stacked on top of each of each other. Cindy tells Ernie they need more chairs, because they need two for each umbrella. 

Andy and Tommy start kayaking their nursery out. Armani and Marcus are right behind them, but their nursery falls apart before they hit the water. Jeremy and Sandy struggle to build it, as he says he doesn’t want to break it. The snowboarders hit the buoy, and try to set up the nursery, but they start drifting away. They know how all this goes due to also being surfers. They drag it back to the right place and use a rock to hold it where it needs to be. 

Justin/Jennifer and Amani/Marcus set out for their buoys as well. Andy and Tommy get the thumbs up and the next clue. Jennifer decides to let Justin do all the work while she sits in the boat. Marcus notes how tough this is, saying he swims, but isn’t a competitive swimmer. Before they head out, Jeremy makes sure Sandy wants to try planting the coral. The snowboarders clue tells them to use the compass that came with the clue and travel north for thirteen minutes to find the island pictured on a medallion. They know they slayed it, but think the others are going to really struggle.

The people with the chairs and umbrellas are still working on lining all this up. Obviously sticking with the water would have been better for the father/son boaters. Jennifer is still riding the boat, trying to tell Justin to “grab the boat,” while he’s trying to also do the planting. She eventually jumps out, and that helps them. They, too, have the nursery anchored by a big rock, and they are the second team to finish the task. 

Jeremy and Sandy struggle, with the nursery falling apart on them, and knocking the tray of seedlings into the water. Amani loses things out of hers and Marcus’ kayak as well. Bill/Cathi and  Jeremy/Sandy give up on the coral and decide to go gather beach chairs and umbrellas. 

Marcus explains that the hardest part of the coral challenge is getting in the kayak, as they’re fighting the wind, against the current and undercurrent, and it is exhausting him. He says once they get back to shore that he’s never been so tired and whooped. Remember, this is a former NFL player. He always prided himself in being able to do anything, but that’s the hardest thing he’s ever tried to do. They head to the beach challenge as well. 

Jeremy demands Sandy join him, and she’s upset that he’s being so negative, and in fact she’s shocked. He didn’t really want to make this change, but she did. The same wind that was making it difficult in the water is making it difficult on the beach. The chairs and umbrellas won’t stay set. One of the twins gets hit in the head by an umbrella that gets uprooted, and cries, asking why it’s so hard for them. Meanwhile, locals sit nearby and laugh their asses off. 

Andy and Tommy have found the island that matches the one of their medallion and find a Roadblock. One member from each team needs to climb a sheer rock wall. If they make it up as far as a birds nest, they’ll find a clue waiting for them in the nest. Andy will be doing the climb. Justin and Jennifer find the island as well, and Jennifer “guesses” she’ll do the task. 


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