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The Amazing Race, Oct. 16 – Expecting the Unexpected

What’s making this a great season so far of The Amazing Race is that it’s been very unpredictable, both in challenges and rules, as well as how it’s playing out. There are no gimmes. The challenges are tough and aren’t just something the teams need to walk through. They need to use their athleticism as well as their intelligence, and one little mistake can get them eliminated, while a big mistake can seem to not matter at all. It keeps it exciting, and given the choice of watching the Race or X-Factor first Sunday night, I chose the Race.

Leaving first from Indonesia are Andy and Tommy at 8:17 AM. The clue tells them to fly to Phuket, Thailand, where they’ll race to a marina to get their next clue. Tommy mentions they just want to win a leg of the Race cleanly. Laurence and Zac ran a great leg, but used too many buckets at once on the Detour, and were penalized, which gave first place to the snowboarders.

Next to leave are father and son Laurence and Zac at 8:28 AM. Laurence states they don’t want to make the same mistakes they did in the previous leg. He supports my opening argument, telling him the Race is unexpected. Apparently they’re beginning to pick up the Big Brother tagline of “Expect the Unexpected.” The snowboarders arrive at the airport and find there is no direct flight, but they can get a flight to Jakarta at 9:40 AM, to hopefully find a flight there that will take them to Phuket. They help father and son out, telling them where to get the tickets to be on the same flight as them.

Jeremy and Sandy leave the pit stop at the exact time the first two teams are leaving the country. He thinks the Race is showing what they need to work on still in their relationship, as she points out it shows how they handle stressful situations. Justin and Jennifer leave one minute later, and Ernie and Cindy one minute after that. For them, it’s exciting, as they were just in Thailand. Amani and Marcus leave at 9:46 AM, and he is hoping to show his kids about perseverance while they’re on the Race.

Bill and Kathi leave at 9:56 AM, with her noting they are almost thirty years older than the other teams, yet they wake up each day ready to go. She thinks they’ll be here for awhile. Liz and Marie leave at 10:05 AM, and note their dad recently died suddenly of a heart attack. He would be thrilled with this opportunity of theirs. 

As these other teams arrive at the airport, they are told they can get a flight with a stopover in Jakarta that leaves at 12:45 PM and lands in Phuket at 6:50 PM.  Everyone, except Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac, of course, are on this flight. Yet those other two teams don’t have a connecting flight yet, so maybe they’ll end up catching the same connecting flight.

As the first two teams arrive in Jakarta, and find the next flight to Phuket is fully booked, they hear there’s a flight to Bangkok that will connect them and have them arriving in Phuket at 7:40 PM. Had they bothered to get connecting flights before, they could have been on that 6:50 flight. Instead of being the first two, they’ll now be the last two teams. 

The first flight arrives in Phuket, and the teams catch cabs to the marina. If the snowboarders and the father/son team are lucky, the challenge will involve something that isn’t open overnight, and everyone will be waiting until the morning at the marina. In fact, Sandy is hoping when they get there they’ll be going to bed. Liz and Marie never had time to exchange their money, and are carrying around Indonesian cash. One of them is already wearing an “In Love with Thai” button. Maybe that will help them. Bill and Kathy get a thumbs up and “chop chop” from their cabdriver, as he pulls ahead of several teams.

The second flight arrives, and when they ask for taxis at a cab stand, the employee tells them she knows exactly where they are going because of the others. They ask how long ago and are told an hour. They are definitely worried now. Funnily enough, the next commercial announces, “Someone didn’t book with Travelocity!”

Jeremy and Sandy are the first team to arrive at the marina, and Sandy asks why “the guys” aren’t there. Jeremy then sees a sign announcing that the dock doesn’t open until 8:00 AM. It looks like the guys just caught a break. Liz and Marie arrive next, as Liz announces that the Thai people are the nicest in the world. Their driver just drove them there for nothing, since all they have is Indonesian cash. They others arrive and try to figure out what happened to the guys. They finally arrive, and someone announces the game is “so unpredictable.”

At 8 AM, Justin says they know where the clue is,  out there in an orange/yellow garbage can at the end of a “wobbly dock.” They just don’t know how they’ll get out there, but Jennifer is sure she’ll be puking on a speedboat. One of each team runs down the wobbly deck. In the lead is Tommy, followed by Laurence. 


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