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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 8 – Macaroon-i and Fake Cheese

Quickfire Hits
• I may have picked Matt, but I am rooting for Hammer. The man’s baby is going to cost almost $50,000 to treat. That’s a real nice feel good story right there.
• The chefs suggest that Carlos may be setting the nitro use record this season. Um, two words. Richard. Blais.
• Loved Hammer turning the mitt into a puppet – signs of a good dad.
• Macho was part of the first all-women team to compete for the National Pastry Championship. Sorry, but those of us who went to college, or watched Lost, know about I, Never. I wonder if the hangover affected Carlos or Orlando?
• Loved the Big/Tiny High Five from Orlando and Macho!
• Matt gets hit on at the challenge – and somewhere got smacked by the Mrs. watching the episode.
• How did Matt make that vanilla ice cream if Hammer hogged all of the equipment? Did he give the vanilla ice cream to Matt? That’s curious to me.
• Extra – The chefs call themselves the Fantastic Five. Nitro Man, Paco Boy, Chocolate Man, Master Foamer and Team of One. This would be the worst crime fighting team ever.

Next week – Supposedly, the best challenge of the season. We’ll see.

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