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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 8 – Macaroon-i and Fake Cheese

Quickfire – Bake the best pie you can in 90 minutes. Of course, the chefs have to do that with one arm tied behind their back. Well, not tied, just placed in an oven mitt. If it were tied, then perhaps Matt wouldn’t have been disqualified. Almost unconsciously, he used his mitt hand to rotate the pie while he browned the top with his torch. That’s a paddlin’. This led to some fun moments – Sally trying to cut plums, Hammer using his feet, Carlos zesting a lemon with his stomach, Orlando opening a water bottle with his knife, Matt trying to slice vanilla and bailing to use extract, and Matt/Hammer joining forces to fill a pastry bag. Hammer was wise to use bananas as his fruit, since it’s easy to open and break down. Same goes for Orlando and choosing berries. Carlos actually used liquid nitrogen to get his done – quite the feat with one hand.

Orlando – Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry Pie – The King thought it was well-cooked. Gail wants to make sure she has no meringue on her face.

Macho – Red Plum and Strawberry Double-Crusted Pie with White Chocolate Chantilly – Gail thought it was warm.

Hammer – Banana Cream Pie with Banana Caramel – The King thought it was not too sweet.

Carlos – Raspberry Lemon Meringue Pie – The King felt it was well-cooked.

Matt – Disqualified – Aw, shucks.

Bottom Two – Sally and Hammer. Sally’s was too tart and had too much dough and King didn’t like the chantilly at the end. Hammer’s was disappointing with too much cream and was missing banana flavor.

Top Two – Orlando and Carlos. Orlando’s was “homey” and was a nice combination. Carlos’ was well-executed and liked the lemon and raspberry in it.

Carlos wins the challenge, giving him three in a row. That will be it.

Elimination Challenge – Make a high-end carnival dessert, to be served to Food & Wine Magazine Editor Dana Cowin and some party guests. Dana judges with Gail, Elvis and Theoden. Hammer hogs the pacojets to make his funnel cake ice cream and a vanilla backup. Other than that, and the misadventures of Macho’s pudding and Carlos’ macaroons, not a lot of interesting developments during prep.

Macho – White Corn Brown Butter Cake with Corn Pudding and Peanut Ice Cream – Gail didn’t find it too sweet. Theoden liked the level of sweetness, and Macho is uncertain by how Dana likes it due to her tiny nibbles.

Carlos – Sesame Angel Food Cake Burger, Churro Fries and Strawberry-Lemon Soda – The King thought it was playful, but messy.

Hammer – Funnel Cake Ice Cream, Sable Breton (honestly, this was another can’t read my notes moment), Strawberries, Funnel Cake and Mint Foam – Dana commented on the many techniques used.

Matt – Fried Caramel Apple Pie, Apple Carpaccio, and Vanilla Ice Cream – Elvis likes the acidity levels.

Orlando – Chocolate Apple Entremet with Apple Sorbet – Theoden wanted more texture, and Gail wanted more of a candy crack sensation from the apple. Orlando said it was not a literal translation and took offense to the critique, and clearly Orlando was missing the point.

Matt and Macho get the Top Two. Matt’s idea was praised by the King and Théoden liked the simplicity and the ice cream. Elvis loved Macho’s flavors and use of corn, and the King said something about bananas. I think. No idea, I watched it three times. Matt gets the win.

Hammer started to rationalize losing in the Stew Room, which was pretty amusing to watch. Orlando’s gets hit by Gail for having the apple lost in the chocolate. Elvis said that chocolate didn’t work, and Orlando defends it. Basically, the apple needed to be bumped up. Carlos’ macaroon was too hard and he would up with sticky and sloppy angel food cake. The churros were also too cold. Gail loved the idea as well. Hammer’s gelee was the downfall due to the unique texture. Théoden said it was complicated, but lacked refinement.

Gail felt that Orlando’s lack of caramel was a huge error, as making caramel is Pastry Chef 101. Elvis said he likes using chocolate too, but not every time. Gail agrees and mentions her love of pork belly, and yes, that would be a crappy dessert too. Carlos’ had too many parts, and none worked. Hammer’s too many techniques missed out on flavors.