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“Paranormal Witness,” October 12 – It’s Raining Demons

The water, or a strange liquid as they are calling it, was still running down the walls and raining throughout the living room. Bob felt something evil in the house and was upset, because during this entire event Don was still sitting on the sofa. While Don sat in his trance, (wait for it, wait for it, it is good!) water started shooting up from the floor and across the room.

Bob decided that calling the landlord was not good enough, so instead of leaving or calling a minister, he called the cops! Officer John Baujan was working the 4 to 12 shift. He knew Bob would not just call the police for no reason and had heard the seriousness in his tone. Bob pleaded with John to come to the house. Once he and his partner entered the house, they stood in the living room watching it rain in the house.

John stood there watching the water fly in all directions and did not know what to tell Bob or what to do. He had no answers but after looking at Don, Romayne had believed Don was causing it. Romayne and Jeannie cornered Don in the kitchen and began shouting at him. They told him he was scaring everyone and to stop whatever it was he was doing. They continued to scream, and the loud clattering started with the pots and pans shaking. Don was raised up in the air off the ground and thrown across the room.

It was truly beyond belief and only Syfy could do this story justice. Bob was scared to death, and whatever picked Don up and threw him down was truly evil. Don tried to pick himself up off the floor and felt the pain and agony of being tossed across the kitchen. Once again he was scratched and bleeding badly.

There was a demonic force at work and it was tormenting Don. Bob believed there was a demon in him. John had left the house but came back later and the family began reading from the Bible. The rain had poured everywhere but on the Bible. The next morning it had stopped, and Don was heading back to prison to serve the rest of his time. Bob felt bad, but relieved now that Don was gone. His family was at peace, but Don was still being tormented. Whatever was in the house was inside Don, and he believed he could make it rain. The inmates and guards were afraid of him. They believed he was cursed or possessed. He was sending fear throughout the entire prison.

Don knew he had the power to “make it rain,” and the former warden believed that the supernatural was surrounding him. As Don returned to his cell, he sat there for a few moments until it rained in his cell. He went into a trance. Two prison guards walked up to the cell and snapped Don out of it and asked if he could reach the warden and prove what he could do. Don sat on his cot as his cellmate panicked and watched Don go back into a trance. As he snapped his fingers, water flew through the prison and hit the warden who was doing paperwork at his desk.

The warden verified the water hit him and soaked his shirt. He knew it was Don Decker and needed to find a way to help Don. He also believed Don was possessed, but by what? A fish, not sure yet! Everyone felt sick when they were around Don, so finally the warden brought in the prison chaplain and took Don to a closet that was away from the prisoners and other guards. The chaplain performed an exorcism on Don. Reverend Blackburn read from the Bible, and the warden sat outside the room on a chair waiting for the results and to see if Don could be saved.

The Reverend grabbed Don’s hand and read from the Bible and prayed with Don. As the Reverend continued reading, a putrid odor entered the room, and then it started raining in the closet. The rain never hit the Bible just like when they were all in the house. Don was in pain, and it smelled like death as the Reverend continued the exorcism. Don let out growling noises, and the reverend began shouting for the guards to let him out. Don finally opened his eyes and felt the anger go away, and felt relieved.

Twenty-seven years have passed by. Don survived and made peace with himself and visited his grandfather’s grave. What an amazing season it was for Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. Happy Hauntings everyone.

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