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“Scare Tactics” October 10 – the Blood King and the Prom Queen

The guy dressed like the director tells Kaia to go in the back room and grab a sash and crown so she can take over the role, as Bridget the actress finds her in the back room, which sets her off. Kaia ignores her remarks and walks back to the set so she can begin filming her big scene, as she watches the already dead prom queen get murdered. Kaia and the director look in shock ,and the knife-happy actress comes in screaming at Kaia. She has the same stunned look on her face as she tries to explain her way out of being stabbed.

Instead of running away Kaia stands and looks stunned until she finally speaks up and tells the actress off. After taking a crazy turn, Bridget looks at Kaia and asks if she is scared, but Kaia looks more confused than scared. Bridget lets her in on the secret, and her wonderful friend Karen comes out to show some support, because that’s what friends are for.

Our final victim is Madeline and her prank-playing accomplice of a friend, Tyson. Madeline thinks she is being filmed for an animal documentary with a witty interviewer and a cameraman named Claudio. Madeline begins to explain the importance of nocturnal animals and discovers a dead animal. Claudio informs the interviewer that there are several dead animals (What a night, who has the urge to go in the woods and investigate dead animals? No way.)

Madeline discovers it is not just any animal out there in the woods killing off other animals and humans but a giant winged, flying creature (“Jeepers Creepers” anyone?). A man who is disguised as a park ranger walks out of the woods, and in his best scary voice, he responds to the questions regarding the dead animals. He tells them they won’t see any animals there, because they are all dead.

See why you should avoid camping? Large flying winged creatures, enough said. Madeline and the crew finally witness the wrath of the creature as it wreaks havoc on their documentary. Madeline, the interviewer and Claudio get in the car and start screaming. The winged special effects creature attacks the park ranger, and Madeline begins to scream and cry. The interviewer has seen enough and asks if she is scared. Madeline is nearly scared to death. The interviewer tells her she should be because is on on Scare Tactics.

Madeline goes from terrified to laughing as Tyson shows up to see his panicked friend and laugh with her. That meets along with the point of the series. Along with being funny, they episode also had several moments that make you want to jump out of your seat and wonder if they could really happen.

Make sure to watch next week’s episode of Scare Tactics, Monday at 9/8c on the Syfy channel and be afraid, be very afraid.

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