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Interview With Jenna Morasca of Survivor: All Stars

by aurora

Jenna Morasca, winner of Survivor: Amazon, had a rough time in Panama. She ultimately left the game to return home to be with her ailing mother, who sadly passed away days later. Here she expresses her thoughts and feelings on her time with the All Stars.

[b]When the other Survivors, namely Big Tom and Alicia, spoke their minds about your leaving to be with your Mom, what were you feeling? Was there any anger on your part, or were you just eager to get out of there?[/b]

When they spoke I was in such a daze with everything that was happening what they said did not really affect me or register with me. I wasn’t mad; everyone has their own opinion, but you don’t know how you would act unless you are in the situation yourself.

[b]You said that you “just knew” you had to go home – have you always had that kind of connection with your family, that you know when things aren’t going well?[/b]

I am very close to my mom and dad, and still with my mom after her passing. I have a tight family and the connections are stronger than any bond.

[b]What did you do to prepare yourself for another round of Survivor before leaving for Panama?[/b]

Just reminded myself that I am a fighter and a good player. I knew how to play the game and I would fight as hard as I could.

[b]If you hadn’t left when you did, do you feel that you would have been picked off as the other former winners were?[/b]

No, the people who were voted off in Mogo Mogo were exactly the people I knew they wanted gone. I felt I was in the loop. I don’t know if I would have made it that far because there was jealousy of the winners but I would have been OK.

[b]If you had been on the jury, would you have voted for Rob or Amber? Why?[/b]

Amber, because Pittsburgh rules and she played the game good enough to be in the final two!

[b]Which location was more physically demanding for you, the Amazon or Panama?[/b]

Amazon by a landslide! Amazon alone is environmentally harder than anyone would imagine. It’s a sight and beauty unlike anything I have ever seen but it’s no joke.

[b]Were you surprised to see Rob Cesternino go as early as he did?[/b]

I wanted to cry when Rob C. left the game. He is a dear friend and one of the only other people I was cheering for! He is still the best player never to win and they were just afraid of him.

[b]Which members of the “cast” were you surprised to see out there? Who do you think was overlooked?[/b]

Actually there is an article that came out after the reveal that said I was the only one who guessed the entire cast right before we saw each other. I am a student of the game and a fan, I knew who would be there.

[b]Do you find yourself in the position of still having to defend yourself over some choices you made (the stripping for chocolate/peanut butter, etc.), or has that finally died down for you?[/b]

I never defended myself for the “peanut butter” incident. I never did and never will. I do not regret any decisions I make and not that one for sure. If someone doesn’t like it it’s not my problem. 😉

[b]What is in store for you now? Will you continue to model, or do you have other things lined up?[/b]

Lots of good stuff! Me and Ethan are planning a wonderful cruise for Breast Cancer and Grassroots Soccer (Ethan’s charity). The website is SailtoSurvive.com. I am also in Stuff magazine this month, and I was in Maxim last month. I am creating my own reality show, was asked to host a couple, and I am in talks with a new network to work with them. I am still doing a lot of appearances and working with animals as much as possible.

[b]Thanks Jenna, we wish you the best of luck in everything you decide to do![/b]

Thanks everyone. I thank you for being a fan of the show. Loyal fans like you keep the show around. My best.

[b]You can keep with with what Jenna is doing by visiting her newly revamped website at www.jenna-morasca.com.[/b]


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