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Project Runway 9, Episode 11 – A Challenge That's for the Birds

Nina’s also impressed by Laura’s outfit, as it’s very dramatic. But the feathers and leggings are too literal. Heidi finds it too familiar and literal. The leggings are wrinkled. Michael likes the fact that Laura tried to make something edgier than her usual, but he thinks the look verges on costume. He does like Laura’s styling. Francisco likes the jacket. Anya got the high score, while Laura got the low score.

Bert tells the judges that he found more inspiration in the parrot’s talons than in any other aspect of the bird. He admits that it’s not his best look. Michael says it’s well-made, but lacks the exuberance a parrot should have. Francisco dislikes the shape, as it’s not new or interesting. Nina goes so far as to call the silhouette “generic.” She’s disappointed in Bert, although she knows color isn’t his strong suit. Heidi likes the idea behind the pop of color, but thinks the execution was lacking.

Josh wanted to show his skill at draping. Michael loves the draping and the cut of the dress, but hates the corsage. He considers it yet another example of Josh’s difficulties with editing or restraining himself. Nina also likes the draping and praises Josh for his embrace of minimalism. The dress looks modern. Francisco likes the fact that Josh made a suitably exuberant garment without becoming too literal. Michael thinks Bert hated the challenge, and Bert responds that he hated the bird. Heidi asks Josh if he thinks editing helped him, and he says it did. Josh got the high score, while Bert got the low score.

Kimberly wanted to do something soft and romantic for a change. Michael thinks the cut is fabulous, but he dislikes the trim. Francisco would have preferred something younger but he’s impressed that she’d made it in three hours. He also likes the mix of materials Kimberly used. Nina thinks it’s too reminiscent of a beauty pageant gown, but is still very seductive.

Viktor admits that he took a literal approach, but he wanted to have fun with the challenge. Francisco loves the colors and how Viktor did the feathers. Michael also appreciates the work Viktor did, but thinks the feathers make it too literal. Nina thinks there are too many feathers and that, ironically, they weigh the dress down. Kimberly got the high score, while Viktor got the low score.

The judges then have their chat. Anya made a cool outfit and chose great fabric. Josh’s garment boasted a great cut and color. It’s also easy to wear. Kimberly’s dress was also beautifully cut. Viktor’s dress was beautifully made, but too literal with all those feathers. Bert obviously struggled with the challenge and produced a somber dress. Laura, like Viktor, took too literal an approach.

Then the judges announce their decision. Anya is the winner. Josh, Kimberly, and Viktor are all in, leaving Laura and Bert in the bottom two. Laura is in, which means Bert is out. He’d just made one trip too many to the bottom. He DR’s that he will go back to Los Angeles and get back into design. I think Bert saw Project Runway as a test for himself. It had taken him years to recover from the depression and alcoholism that had derailed him for most of the 90’s. He likely felt the need to see if he still had the “right stuff” to be a designer.

Afterwards, Anya takes part in the editorial shoot she’d won. After that, is a half-hour aftershow wittily called After the Runway that’s hosted by Zanna Roberts Rassi in which she talks to the designers. Laura, for some reason, is absent, but Laura Bennet from Season 3 is on hand during the second half. She and Josh get into it over his behavior. Josh denies bullying people– even after being shown clips of him doing just that. He also complains about being broke.

Only after that do we see the previews for next week. It’s the last challenge before Fashion Week.

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