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Project Runway 9, Episode 11 – A Challenge That's for the Birds

Kimberly, who is already feeling the time crunch, then discovers stains on her dress and has to stop to scrub them out. Josh decides to make an orange dress for his second look. Kimberly’s bad day continues, as she’s working in the sewing room– and sews her finger. Ouch! She flees to the lady’s room to cry. Laura and Anya follow her there, to try and comfort her. She later DR’s about how her mother died when she was 17. She later lost her stepfather and her brother and has been on her own a lot. She’s had to fight to get where she is today.

Josh decides to scrap his first dress. He asks Anya if he can borrow material for her, and she refuses. He’d thought about making something structured, but without the right fabric, that’s not an option. He decides to make a circle skirt.

Tim comes in to make his rounds, commenting about how quiet it is. He advises Laura to ditch one of her looks and tells Anya that one of her arm holes is bigger than the other. He likes Josh’s orange dress, but not the circle skirt, which he dismisses as “static and crafty.” He then checks in with Bert, whose looks don’t strike him as high fashion. Viktor’s dresses are well-made but colorless, and Tim thinks they look bridal.

Then Tim stops by Kimberly. He warns her that her second look is costumey, but he also senses her lack of confidence. She tells him about her bad day and fears she won’t be able to pull herself out of it. He advises her to stop thinking and consider how the look feels to her. He hugs her and tells her he has confidence in her abilities. As he leaves, he says he sees potential in everybody.

Then the models come in for their fitting. During this, Kimberly discovers she has burnt a hole in one dress with a hot glue gun. She has to make a whole new dress in three hours. She comments that she’ll have to “pull an Anya.”

The following morning is the day of the runway show, so the designers get back to work. Kimberly’s newest dress is a one-shouldered gown and Viktor thinks he copied her. I doubt that. Kimberly had to whip up something within three hours, and she certainly wasn’t going to be able to make separates or a jacket in that time. Plus, the cockatoo that’s supposed to be their inspiration is white. That sort of limits Kimberly’s color options.

Tim comes in to give his usual spiel about hair, make-up, and using the accessory wall thoughtfully. He also announces yet another twist: Only one outfit will be shown. The designers are relieved to hear this, since it means they can now concentrate on the outfit they think is better. Laura quickly picks the outfit she’ll use, while Josh, Anya and Bert wax indecisive. Anya is particularly torn, as she likes her first look, but believes her second one would impress the judges more since it’s different from anything else she’s made. After hair and make-up, Anya finds her black dress is too tight for the model to get on, so she rips some seams, and then sew them back up after the model has put the dress on. Josh declares that something needs to be said if someone’s making clothes that people have to be cut out of.

Then it’s off to the runway, where the guest judge is Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein. The head-to-head competition works like this: The rivals’ models will first walk the runway separately, like usual, and then walk it together. First up is Team Cockatoo. Viktor made a draped one-shouldered Grecian dress decorated with yellow and white organza feathers. Kimberly also made a one-shouldered white gown, but hers has a big slit up the side and a diagonal slit down the front. She added a jeweled trim on the front.

Next up is Team Amazon Parrot. Bert made a gown with a silver-grey, snakeskin bodice, a matching belt with a large grey buckle, and a long grey slit skirt. As the model strides down the runway, she reveals an underskirt made of gauzy yellow and green material. Josh made a draped, one-shouldered orange mini-dress decorated with a pink and yellow corsage.

Last up is Team Raven. Anya made a structured sleeveless black mini-dress with small “wings” flaring out over the shoulders. The skirt is short in front, but longer in the back, possibly evoking the raven’s tail. Laura made skinny, wrinkled black leggings and a snug black jacket with a plunging neckline. The collar around the neckline is decorated with dark purple feathers, making the outfit perfect for a Baltimore Ravens game.

As there are only six designers left, nobody is immediately safe and they all have to face the judges, who start with Anya. She tells them she wanted to do something solid inspired by the raven. Heidi loves Anya’s dress; she sees the inspiration, but doesn’t think it’s costumey or over the top. Michael also likes the fact that Anya didn’t go too literal. The dress is flattering. Nina calls the dress her favorite of all of Anya’s looks. She praises Anya for moving away from her comfort zone. Francisco likes the cut of the dress and considers it urban and goth.