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Paranormal Witness, October 5 – UFOs and Ouija Boards

Roy Anne had multiple departments calling in to state they had a visual of the object. One of the officers climbed a tower and gave a description of what he saw. It was red, yellow, blue and green, and it was hovering. There was no noise, and all Roy Anne could think was please let it be a plane.

Roy Anne still had no idea what it was, but wanted to go and see it on her own. A fellow officer picked her up and they went to go investigate. It took off in a flash. Apparently whatever it was, did not want to be bothered. You can’t blame it really. We are often too quick to judge. But, of course, now everyone denied it and acted like it never happened.

Roy Anne and Toby know what they saw and maybe there are multi colored airplanes that hover? I have never seen one, but then maybe I am not looking in the right places. There is a hint that some people believe there are UFO’s and “little green men” or there would not be a show like “Paranormal Witness.” Toby said he can’t say it wasn’t, but he also can tell you what he saw and what he believes it was: a flying saucer.

The next story featured a couple fascinated with an Ouija board, so much so that they unleashed a wrath in their own home. Lisa, a native Australian, lives in Virginia Beach. Around 2008, she and her son were living with her boyfriend Mike. She discovered the Ouija board. often, people are told not to mess with Ouija boards, because according to some, spirits use them to manipulate.

Then there are the skeptics who just plain state that it could be our subconscious causing the movements. They believe people are pushing the pointer and making it move. Lisa’s son Zac said his mother became dependent on the board for everything. She even asked it when she would become pregnant again.

Lisa decided to ask the board if there was a friendly spirit in the house for them to communicate with, and the pointer went right to NO. The pointer moved to the numbers and began a countdown. It started at 10 and went down. Lisa and Mike were taken back by the quick response and strange things started happening. She should have gotten rid of the board right then, but instead put it in a closet in her home. They had contacted a hostile spirit.

In July 2009, Lisa had another baby. In the Spring of 2010 the madness began. Whatever Lisa and Mike released was now full force and really ticked off. One day while Lisa was in the kitchen, she began to hear footsteps footsteps. She thought it was her son Zac. She called for him and there was no answer. She realized now she was alone in the house.

Lisa went upstairs and the air felt heavy. The house itself felt different to the entire family. Lisa walked into her baby’s room and the closet doors flew open. Lisa slowly walked over to the doors and closed them. Mike came home and was trying to sit and relax with her. She had had quite a lot happen to her. Her shirt was pulled, and there were unexplained footsteps in her house all day. Her closet doors couldn’t to stay closed.

Mike grabbed a plate with a slice of pizza. Just as he was about to sit down, the plate flew out of his hands. He and Lisa were officially scared and wondered what they released in their home. Mike was having trouble sleeping at night because of the constant whispering, and Lisa’s son could barely get up the stairs to his own room due to the heavy air and feeling of doom.

There was a cold chill coming down the stairs constantly. Lisa went to bed and woke up feeling like her leg was on fire, There was a six inch scratch on her leg. The baby caused her to jump up when he let out a blood-curdling scream. Lisa ran to his room to find the him screaming and pointing at the open closet. She closed the doors again and tried to tie them shut, but the doors were rattling badly.

The next night the same thing happened, the baby screamed and Lisa found the doors open. The stress was taking its toll on the family, but they couldn’t afford to leave. They tried to make the best of it and decide to have a party (always a good idea when your house is possessed, invite more people over). As everyone was sitting in the living room, the toys all started moving around by themselves and turning on.

The crowd was in a hurry to leave. Lisa and Mike did not know what to do. They tried to seek help and finally decided it was time to get rid of the Ouija board (now it’s time, really folks?) Lisa and Mike put the board under water, used a gallon jug to hold it down, fired up the grill, and burned the board. Their lives were calm again. Hopefully they will stay away from Ouija boards. Ouija boards may appear to be just toys, but it is best to leave them alone or use them for a nice Halloween decoration.

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