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Paranormal Witness, October 5 – UFOs and Ouija Boards

Do you ever wonder if we are really the only beings here? Tonight’s episode of Syfy’s series Paranormal Witness introduces Trumbull County in Ohio. In 1994, Officer Toby Meloro and former dispatcher Roy Anne Randolph relive their frightening experience as Roy Anne began receiving dispatch calls from concerned citizens who were seeing lights. They described multiple colors but the main description of an object with multi-colored lights hovering was the same. Officer Toby thought maybe it was people who were intoxicated or just an airplane.

They always brush things like this under the rug. It is easier to explain when someone can just say it was an aircraft. Toby said he was used to strange calls with the weather being warmer, but he never expected a UFO. During the show, as Roy Anne and Toby gave interviews, they played the real life dispatcher calls. The first call Roy Anne received was from a calm caller. He said something was coming down on an angle and Roy Anne immediately thought of the air base that is close by.

The caller stated it looked as if there were flames coming out of it, but it was extremely bright. It was hovering, but there was no noise at all. Roy Anne thought it could be anything from an airplane to a weather balloon. She laughed it off until another call came in. This time the next caller stated it had iridescent lights and was not an airplane. Could it be a UFO or maybe a Stealth plane?

Roy Anne said there were not many crackpots in the area of the calls. She finally decided that to clear her conscience, she wanted an officer to check it out. She called Toby, and he was in a donut shop having what else, donuts and coffee. A rather cliché scene, but Toby said it was the only place open; the man needed to eat.

Roy Anne informed Toby that several people were calling in about a bright, hovering object in the sky, or straight to the point, a UFO. Toby grabbed his coffee and headed out to his police car. He thought the calls were from jokesters or drunks, or that people were seeing things. Roy Anne gave him the description over the radio, and he turned onto Sampson Drive where the majority of people were seeing it. He spotted a light in the distance.

Toby continued driving until a panicked man with his dog in tow flagged him down and described an object hovering with blue and green lights. The man said it was huge and that the light covered his entire home. Toby tried to smell his breath as he spoke to the man, but he was neither intoxicated nor acting crazy. He told the man he was on his way to check it out.

Toby spotted it about 100 feet away and caught a glimpse of it. He finally caught up to it, and believed it was a “flying saucer.” The atmosphere is huge and no one really knows what else is out there. When someone does see something, right away they are considered crazy.

Now, Toby is an officer of the law saw this object personally. He approached, and his vehicle shut off completely as the object hovered. He got out of police car and reached for his revolver, then looked up and had to shield his eyes from the bright light. He stood in awe watching this object.

Roy Anne tried to reach Toby on his radio and could not get through; now it was a crisis. When an officer does not answer his radio, there are problems. Toby got on his phone and called Roy Anne on the phone because he could not call in over the radio due to losing power. He told her it was a “flying saucer” hovering over a large wooded area. Roy Anne decided to call the air base. You would think this would be the first thing they would do. She called, but they couldn’t back up these strange claims. (Do they ever see anything?)

Toby said the light covered the entire street plus the wooded area. It was unreal and not an airplane or a helicopter. Toby stared at the object for awhile. When it took off, his car came back on. The siren went off, and he heard Roy Anne on the radio trying to reach him. Toby snapped himself out of it and jumped in his car to try and follow this unidentified flying object.

Toby was overwhelmed, but he wanted to know what this hovering object was. Roy Anne felt it was farfetched and way out of left field. Her station and the dispatch were buzzing with calls. There were officers calling in stating they saw an unidentified flying object with multiple colored lights, which substantiated the claim. Without them, the calls from the general public would have still been considered crazy. Roy Anne called the air base back to verify that the man in the tower did not see anything, and he confirmed he did not.


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