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The Amazing Race, Oct. 9 – Not Over Until It's Over

Laurence shows how many of each the hand positions and is the first to get it right. He and Zac get the next clue which tells them to head to the pit stop, which is somewhere on the grounds of the Temple. Tommy, of course, is correct as well. Amani and Marcus let their taxi go when they get to the temple, because he was so bad. They run into Andy and Tommy who want to help them out, so Tommy gives Amani the counts and hand signals for the Roadblock. The snowboarders have figured out they can choose who to have in the Race with them. Once at the top of the Temple, though, Amani is too tired to do it, so Marcus does the Roadblock. Marie is wrong with 127, and Jeremy is wrong with 47. Marie reads the clue again, as does Lisa.  

Laurence/Zac and Andy/Tommy are both searching around the Temple grounds for Phil and his mat. The first team there are Laurence and Zac. However, since they used more than two buckets back at the Detour, they have incurred a fifteen-minute penalty. They wait it out under the tree. Andy and Tommy run onto the mat and told they are the second team to arrive, then advised of Laurence and Zac’s penalty. The snowboarders have won a trip for two to Dubai from Travelocity. Tommy feels bad about the win, since Laurence helped him on the task. Phil tells them they should give the trip to Laurence and Zach, but Andy doesn’t think that will go over well with their wives. Instead, they tell them they owe them one. Father and son’s time expires, and they are named team number two.

Justin, Ernie, Marie, and Jeremy collect notes to figure out what isn’t working. Ernie then realizes they need to know how many of each hand position. Marcus stood by eavesdropping. He wasn’t paying enough attention to Andy and Tommy to know what he’s supposed to be getting here, but knows it’s something about statues and hand positions. He collects himself and starts counting again. The other four try working together. 

Bill tries guessing how many of each hand position, with Cathi admonishing him for being too loud, but he is wrong. Lisa tries again with “four.” It’s obviously not right. She then works together with Marcus. The other group of four collect their notes too. Bill takes another stab at it, and this time gets it correct. He and Cathi have to go down and get their bags from the taxi, settle up with the driver, then start searching for the pit stop.

Justin is finally correct, as is Ernie, Marie, and Jeremy. Lisa is correct too, as is Marcus. Everyone’s done and racing for the end. Jeremy and Sandy are the first of that bunch to reach Phil and be named team number three. The others are all complaining about having to go back and pay their taxis, and this is what will save Marcus and Amani, as they sent their cab away. Justin and Jennifer even have to take the time to argue with their driver about the amount, and Lisa complains to Kaylani that she’s not as rested as she is and is going as fast as she can.

Team number four is Justin and Jennifer and Ernie and Cindy team number five. Bill/Cathi can’t find their taxi, but finally do. Kaylani/Lisa and Liz/Marie are still searching for theirs. Marcus and Amani reach Phil’s mat, and he asks if they know what position they ended up in. They have no idea, and when told they are team number six, they are elated. Phil thinks they look like they just won the Super Bowl. Marcus says he feels like it, as when you do that, you need a lot of luck on your side.

The next to arrive on Phil’s mat are Bill and Cathi and are named team number seven. LizMarie finally find their taxi driver in what looks like a market, get their backpacks and pay him, and take off. They are named team number eight. They are so excited, as they thought they were last. 

Kaylani and Lisa finally show up on the mat and are eliminated.  Lisa calls it a good experience, fun, and hard work. They went to places they’ve never been to before, and probably never will again. Kaylani can only cry, and says she just misses her little girl so much. She feels like she failed her, but Phil tells her her daughter won’t feel like that. She will be proud of her.

This was a great challenge and the end. It was one where it wasn’t so time-related, but one where they had to figure out exactly how they needed to do it, so the finishing order was questionable throughout. We need more challenges like that, as that’s what makes it exciting.

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