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The Amazing Race, Oct. 9 – Not Over Until It's Over

Grabbing the sheep, Andy and Tommy walk them and the bags of grass to get the water, only for the farmer on hand to indicate through hand motions that they don’t have enough grass, and need to go back and top off the bags. Of course, they need to do this while dragging two sheep.

Laurence and Zac arrive at the Detour and decide to do Grass Fed. Andy and Tommy have deposited their sheep somewhere and now have bags that are completely stuffed. They pick up the sheep again, drop them off, and begin to fill up the buckets with water as Laurence and Zac arrive. Zac has a hard time controlling his sheep. Tommy notices that the father/son team are getting this challenge done very quickly, but admonishes them to read their clue, as it clearly states to only fill two buckets at a time, and they were doing four. Andy and Tommy finish first and receive a clue telling them to take a taxi to Borobudur Temple, and climb the stairs to get the next clue. Laurence and Zac finish shortly after.

The next teams to arrive are Jeremy/Sandy and Justin/Jennifer. They both decide to do grass fed, as it seems quicker, along with Ernie/Cindy and Bill/Cathi. Kaylani/Lisa and Liz/Marie decide to do Rice Fields. Team members for teams heading to both challenges are slipping and falling as they run. One of Kaylani and Lisa state it’s her first time planting rice, and “I’ll be okay if I never plant rice again.” Cathi is falling down yet again.  Jennifer tells her sheep that it sounds like it smokes six packs a day. Cathi falls down yet again. Amani fears that their driver is still lost. 

Andy/Tommy and Laurence/Zac reach the Temple. They need to go through the International entrance and have to put wraps on. Andy takes a look at the Temple and says, “That’s why you do The Amazing Race`, for stuff like this right here.” Yet, it’s Laurence and Zac who reach the top first, and they find a Roadblock. One member from each of the teams will move around the temple and count the buddhas with distinct hand positions. They also need to realize while doing this that they need to demonstrate the hand positions and tell how many statues are doing each. With a proper count for statues, they’ll get the next clue.

Laurence decides to do the Roadblock, and Tommy wins Rock, Paper, Scissors to do it over Andy. He suggests to Laurence that they count together. What Laurence likes about he and Andy is their similar roots. There’s a spirit of adventure that the four men all share.

Kaylani and Lisa finish their planting, as do Lisa and Marie. They get their next clue and leave for the Temple. While they’re leaving, they pass Amani and Marcus just arriving. They decide to do Grass Fed. Cathi is finally able to stay upright, but now she can’t control her sheep, as it runs after kids playing. She yells at them to stop. I don’t think anyone listens to her, kids, sheep, or even Bill. She and Bill decide to carry the sheep. For someone who is having a hard time walking walking herself, it might not be a good idea. 

Jeremy and Sandy finish Grass Fed and get the next clue, as do Ernie and Cindy. Justin and Jennifer finish shortly after, while Amani and Marcus are working swiftly to get caught up. They catch up to Bill and Cathi, only to be told their bags aren’t full enough. They decide instead to plant rice. Just after, Bill and Cathi finish the task. Amani and Marcus realize everyone else is gone, so they need to hurry.

Tommy and Laurence continue their counting, and come up with 17, 17, 17, and 18, but are told it’s wrong, as they need to know the different hand positions. Laurence says he needs to go back around. Kaylani/Lisa and Liz/Marie reach the Temple, and Lisa mentions it looks like it’s been there a really long time. Wow, that’s astute. Kaylani and Lisa reach the top first. Kaylani tells Lisa, who is breathing heavily while reading the clue, that if she is tired, she shouldn’t do it. Marie does the task, as Lisa insists on doing it as well. 

Jeremy and Sandy are concerned about their taxi holding up, and when it breaks down, they just have the driver drop them off. They’re told the Temple is one kilometer away. Bill and Cathi reach the top of the Temple, and she wants him to do the Roadblock, as he’s better with directions. Ernie and Justin will be doing the challenge for their teams as well. Jeremy and Sandy continue to run. 

Ernie isn’t sure which buddhas they’re supposed to be counting, He guesses 71 and is wrong. Justin is wrong with 69, Lisa is wrong with 63, and Ernie is wrong with his second guess of 87. On her second try, Lisa not only tries 200, but also 201, 202, and 203. Marie is wrong with 68. She and Lisa compare notes.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the top of the Temple finally, which was probably a tough climb after having to walk partially there, and she tells him to do the Roadblock, as he has more energy than her. He tries asking a worker how many buddhas there are. Amani and Marcus finally finish planting rice and head to the Temple. He notes they’re tired, disgusted, dirty, disappointed, frustrated, and angry, but they won’t quit.


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