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The Amazing Race, Oct. 9 – Not Over Until It's Over

It’s still hard for me to believe that Jenna and Ethan are out of The Amazing Race already. It should be another feather in Boston Rob’s cap, though, as I don’t think there’s anything that those other two winners of Survivor can do that he hasn’t. He lasted longer in both his stints on The Amazing Race. But for CBS, they must be kicking themselves, saying, “Not again!” after watching Evel Dick leave in the first week of Big Brother over the summer. That season managed to persevere, and I think this Amazing Race season will do the same.

The first team to leave Jakarta, Indonesia, are Andy and Tommy at 7:38 AM. Their clue has them joining a group that reenacts the bicycle patrols of the 1940s. When they arrive at Fort Vredeburg, they’ll get the next clue. Andy and Tommy do their best to joke around with the bicycle patrol, but they don’t seem to be biting at all. The snowboarders then just do what they know, and do wheelies and other tricks while riding the bikes.

Next to leave are Laurence and Zac, at 7:57 AM. Zach thinks his dad is one of the best traveling partners, and explains when he sailed around the world, his dad was there in each port. Laurence thinks that experience on the seas will only bring out the best of them. Kaylani and Lisa leave just five minutes later, and Kaylani mentions that as a single mom, her daughter is her motivation for the Race, to show her what the possibilities are in challenging yourself.

Ernie and Cindy leave at 8:14 AM, and she admits freely that she’s a bit of a control freak. She made a packing list three months before leaving for the Race, studied lost of geography books, taken intensive language courses, and did a lot of exercising. This means Ernie was on her schedule for the past six months. I just want to say I don’t see anything wrong with making a packing list three months beforehand and beginning to pack two to three weeks beforehand. It may seem overboard to some, but I also have everything I need. Ernie’s dad is a cop, so she thinks he’s feeling at home right now on the bike patrol. 

Liz and Marie leave at 8:18 AM, and make a crack about twins riding bicycles side by side. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Jeremy and Sandy leave three minutes later, and Bill and Cathi are one minute behind them. They went through all the other teams, and realized they are forty years older than the youngest team. Everyone looks like they could be their children. Yet they’re fearless, and at their age, they know they’re going to die soon anyway, so it’s okay. Hey, she said that, not me. 

Andy and Tommy complete their patrol and get a clue telling them to travel by taxi to Salakmalang Village to a get their next clue. Laurence and Zach complete this first task as well. Tommy is figuring there are still teams that haven’t even left the pit stop yet.

Tommy would be right. Justine and Jennifer leave at 8:31 AM. He mentions that the others have all gotten a chance to see how volatile their relationship is. They’re just trying to focus as much as they can on the positives and stay as far away as possible on the negatives. She has a problem riding the bike and even runs square into some shrubs. Amani and Marcus leave at 8:32 AM, and he’s feeling the heat being at the back of the pack, yet was once in a game being down twenty-one points with four minutes left, and came back and won. It’s definitely not over until it’s over. 

Cindy’s pedal falls off her bike. That’s one of the things meticulous planning doesn’t help you with. Ernie asks if they can just continue on without the pedal, but the rest of the bike patrol wants to fix it, telling them, “No worries. No Worries. No worries.” Liz and Marie pass them up, and soon everyone else does as well, save for Amani and Marcus. Cindy’s pedal finally gets fixed. It just doesn’t seem like it should have taken nearly that long, as all they appeared to do was tie it back on.

Kaylani/Lisa, Liz/Marie, Jeremy/Sandy, Bill/Cathi, and Justin/Jennifer reach the end of the bike patrol and take off for the restaurant. Sandy doesn’t even want to take the time for Jeremy to read the clue, telling him, “We can’t pronounce it. Let’s go.” They all board taxis, with Cathi saying they are team number one when clearly they aren’t. Ernie and Cindy finally reach the end of their bike patrol, and Amani and Marcus finish behind them. 

Andy and Tommy reach the restaurant and find a Detour – Rice Fields or Grass Fed. In Rice Fields, teams ill deliver a midday meal to workers in the field, and while the workers eat, the teams must plant 300 rice seedlings. When the farmers are satisfied the planting is done, the racers will get their next clue. In Grass Fed, teams will need to fill two bags with freshly cut grass, pick up two sheep, and bring them to a shed. They’ll then gather six buckets of water from a well, and pour them in a trough. When all is complete, they’ll get the next clue.

Andy and Tommy decide to do Grass Fed. They start throwing grass into a bag and run back right away. Bill and Cathi are still on their way there, insisting they are team number one. Somehow Ernie and Cindy catch up to this group of taxis. Jeremy and Sandy pass Kaylani and Lisa, and their driver can only laugh. Amani and Marcus have a driver who is also laughing, and they think he’s lost.


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