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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 7 – Death By Chocolate…and Donuts

Quickfire Hits
• Gail’s voiceover on the previouslies gets worse and worse each week. There was an insane amount of rap and Beastie Boy puns this week. Makes me think she oughtta check her head. Sorry, it’s spreading.
• The preview from last week showed Matt calling someone an a-hole. Of course, it had nothing to do with the plot, just a goofy moment after Carlos shushed him.
• Funny moment – Carlos looking for some cocoa beans, and Macho giving him a bunch of Mexican beans, “Ahh, the ones that got picked by my brothers and sisters.” HA! Somewhere there are nutty Minutemen on the Mexican border, and some Republican Members of Congress, looking up all of Carlos’ relatives.
• I like Katzie’s dish concept too – the Boca Negra, meaning it makes your mouth black from chocolate.
• Orlando likes his showpieces tall…like his men. Reminds me of a girl who takes her coffee black…
• I must say, maybe it was the elimination of the best looking chefs, but Dann sure looked pretty hot at the judging. Good for Dann!
• Bottom line for the Katzie elimination – I think this was a nitpick elimination. They all seemed to be good overall, but her small problems were just enough for the judges.
• Extra – Nothing exciting, just Team Hammer hearing feedback from Team Orlando.

Next week – Chocolate pigs. Will Elvis get punched in the face? Matt gets hit on.

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