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Amazing Race 19 Commentary – Ep 2 – Don’t Dude Me, Dude.

Route Markers
• I am already rooting for one team to go – the Siblings. I cannot handle another “you’re not listening to me” argument from them. It’s just too much.
• Why were the Magellan’s sporting a banana? Did they have a connection to Just Desserts’ Carlos? Are all of my reality shows bleeding into one another? I don’t think I can take it if Marcel shows up on Survivor. Although Padma’s arrival would be quite welcomed.
• The Dudes actually used the phrase, “Don’t dude me, dude.” Which may become part of my lexicon.
• Why do people assume that being on Survivor makes for good Amazing Race teams? How does not eating and getting tons of bug bites help you make travel arrangements?
• Nice that the teams were all happy to see Geritol. Not sure how long that will last.
• This episode = not one, but two travel-based bunching. Woo.
• Cool seeing Indonesia – we have not been there before on the show. I must say though, I cannot think of any job I would want to be a part of if it required commuting while riding on top of a train. Of course, the cab drivers, who according to Justin, “drive on a different level” are not much of a better option.
• Love the failed Ernie and Cindy attempt at a high five or fist bump. We may have to call that a fump.
• Marcus is making Michael Jackson dance references – I think Marcus needs to listen to the radio more and realize it ain’t 1990 anymore.
• The Twins can identify with the orphans because they recently lost their dad. As one who has also lost both parents, I won’t mock too hard here. However, the kids at the orphanage are in an actual Oliver Twistian orphanage, the hot blonde twins are adults playing a reality show who had a loving family during their formative years. I’m just saying…
• Dudes after finishing the parking task – “You ladies have a great time at the mall.” Ok, these two may be a lot of fun this season.
• I have a feeling the phrase – Cindy has a meltdown – is going to be one I write a lot.
• The Showgirls, who had immense luck last week with their passport being returned, get another dollop this week. If no one had messed up the orphanage task, if there was no secret message on the sign, they would have finished 10th. Instead, they finished third. That should say it all.
• Boy, I invented a lot of words this week.

Roadblock – Spelunking down a cool giant cave. Cathy, Marie, Marcus, Old Bill, Tommy, Ethan, Jeremy, Justin, Kaylani, Zac, Young Bill

DetourShake Your Moneymaker or Be a Ticket Taker – Teams have to choose between raising money by doing dances on the side of the road, or parking mopeds. Afterwards, they take their money to the Sign of Misdirection. Dancers – Peytons, New Jeremy, Twins, Survivors, Showgirls, Guido 2.
Parkers – Geritol, Control Freak, Siblings, Dudes, Magellan.

Order of Finish – Dudes (Win a trip to Ireland), Magellan, Showgirls, Control Freak, Twins, New Jeremy, Geritol, Siblings, Peytons, and Survivors and Guido 2 (BOTH ELIMINATED)

Next week – Cindy has a meltdown. Sigh. Geritol falls down. And a very confusing challenge.

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