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X-Factor, Oct. 6 – From Skid Row to Here

Simon tells the last group it’s not good news, but great news. Making it through in this group are Rachel Crowe, The Brewer Boys, Stacy Francis, Hannah Bethel. and Tiger Budbill, who makes a call to someone saying he made it, then tells the camera that was the call he wanted to make.

Simon addresses the sixty-four acts that made it through, then tells them after the next day’s challenge, half of them will be out of the competition. They will be given about thirty-five songs and asked to find the one that best represents them. Paula tells them to trust their gut and find what resonates with them. L.A. wants them to show their absolute finest. And they will be performing for an audience as well as the judges.

By the next day, everyone’s up early to work on their songs. Apparently they either learned their lessons about sleeping in on day two of Boot Camp, or those people were among the 100 acts eliminated already. They’re working with the choreographer, vocal coaches, stylist, etc. Some look out the window and see all the people waiting to watch them and freak out a little.

The first one to perform in the last Boot Camp challenge is Rachel Crowe, 13, a student from Boulder, Colorado. It’s only fitting, as she was the first audition we saw. She’s a little nervous, but knows she’s meant to be there. Simon asks what she’s chosen to sing, but she wants it to remain a surprise. She sings If I Were a Boy and completely kills it, getting the audience on their feet. This girl definitely has the X-Factor. She’s not just a good voice. No comments from the judges. Simon notes she’s getting better. Rachel walks offstage and gets a big hug from her mom.

Audrey Turner, 53, unemployed from L.A. is next. She sings Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. She wants to blow the the judges away and just give everything she has. What I sincerely think about her is that she’s good, but she needs to change her name. If she truly wants to escape being Ike Turner’s backup singer and wife, she needs a name change. Otherwise, she’ll always be connected to Ike and be thought of as a Tina wannabe.

Paige Ogle, 18, a day camp counselor from Baltimore, wants it more than anything, and to know she has this person inside of her, she’s not happy doing anything else. She sings Somewhere Only We Know. It’s good, but I don’t see the “X-Factor” in it, and by this stage, I think we should. 

Tiger Budbill, 42, a wedding DJ from Buthell, Washington, sings Billie Jean, and does it very non-MJ. This audition means everything to him. In five weeks, his house will be auctioned. He has the X-Factor.

Josh Krajcik, 30, a burrito maker from Columbus, Ohio, has been a surprise from the moment he first stepped out for his audition. He didn’t look like a serious contender, but blew everyone away with his audition. He doesn’t want to go back to burritos and empty night clubs. Josh tells the audience he doesn’t want them to remember him for the performance; he wants them to remember it forever. He sings Up to the Mountain, and gets smiles from Nicole, Paula, and L.A. He’s as amazing as he was in his first audition. 

Simone Battle, 22, a college student from L.A., hasn’t been seen much since her audition. She can’t wait to show off, and is, wearing hot pants again. She believes there is no one else like her out there, and Simon cracks they need more confidence from her. She singsYour Song, but to me this is a song you don’t mess with. The audience looks stunned. Simon looks like he’s upset with her. They aren’t supposed to be commenting, but he mentions she didn’t remember a single word of the song. She says she was trying to do something different, and he says he hates the version as she walks away, but Nicole finds it the best she ever heard her.

4Shore, ages 20-23, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, sound terrible in their harmonies. Simon says afterwards it’s the worst they ever sounded. Little Ladiez ages 14-15, from Valencia, California, is a group we haven’t seen before. They don’t give us anything to make us wish we did. Makenna & Brock, ages 22 and 18, students from Springfield, Missouri, sing BillieJean, and she has gone back to sounding terrible. Nicole oddly loves it. Siameze Floyd, 30, a hotel performer from Las Vegas, hits a screaming note at the end. 


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