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X-Factor, Oct. 6 – From Skid Row to Here

So far, the X-Factor is seeming like a mix of American Idol and The Voice. They’re being put in ensembles to narrow down the finalists, yet after that, the judges will act as mentors to them. My only complaint is that some of the “chosen ones” don’t have “it,” and just have a good voice. Tonight we’ll see the last of the ensembles and find out who the final thirty-two are, and who their mentors will be.

The first ensemble up tonight is comprised of Brennin Hunt, Equality, Marcus Canty, Matthew Johnson, Ma’at Bingham Shango, Chris Rene, and Gina Rene. They’ll be singing What’s Going On to Marcus’ delight. Chris has now been sober for forty-nine days. Gina is also talented, but lacking confidence. They’re excited to perform together.

In front of the judges – Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid – the ensemble starts it off on the risers. Ma’at sings first, and Gina takes it over from there. This group is well-choreographed, and each sounds great. Paula mentions to Simon afterward how amazing it was. L.A. thinks Marcus was amazing, but Simon thinks he needs a lot of work. And he feels one of the girls just lost it, so it’s either Ma’at or Gina. 

The next ensemble includes Matthew Slovacek, Tim Cifers, Hannah Bethel, Thomas Wells, Jeremy Easley, and Kingston. They’re singing I Won’t Let Go, which Matthew figures is perfect. They work with the vocal coach who tells them not to wail just to wail, but to make him believe it. Tim has a 4-year-old son and 3-moth-old daughter and misses them like crazy, but it’s the biggest opportunity for him. Kingston just wants to hear they have what it takes. 

Onstage tonight, this ensemble brings out each act one by one instead of collectively. They sound great, with Thomas possibly being he weakest in the group. Either way, all of them know how to deliver a song emotionally. Simon sees Tim as the star of the bunch, even though he didn’t get him before. L.A. isn’t sure if he’s a star, but he knows he’s a great singer.

The last ensemble to perform includes The Brewer Boys, Henri Bredouw, James Douglas, Emma Henry, Hannah Jackson, Ryan Sims, Kyle Corr, and Christa Collins. The Brewer Boys don’t usually get nervous, but note this is pretty intense. They hope their unique sound takes them somewhere. Hannah and Emma both want the same part of the song and have to duke it out. Hannah thinks the part needs a more mature person, and in a coin flip, she gets it. 

The ensemble takes the stage, with Henri as leadoff man. Emma struggles to keep the tune. The Brewer Boys sound the best of the bunch, but Ryan truly belts this song out. Christa does admirably as well. 

The judges need to send a third of the acts home at this point. They start by discussing Tiah, who Simon wants to keep, but who Paula and Nicole disagree about. The Brewer Boys know most of their ensemble is probably going home, but they’re hoping for the best. Simon calls Siameze a no, and Paula disagrees. He explains they have to lose people. Nick Voss calls it heartbreaking if he goes home. Simon likes Chelsea Frederick’s energy, but L.A. says she can’t sing.

The contestants are broken down into three more groups, between yes or no. The first group called up is sent home. Nicole fights back tears watching them leave. Tatiana “Reina” Williams can’t believe it and starts loudly shouting about needing to talk to someone. Also going home is Emma Henry. 

The next group up to hear their fate has to be a “yes” group. There are too many talented people in the group, such as Chris Rene, Gina Rene, Siameze Floyd, and Tiah Olliver. Nicole addresses them and tells them they have made it to the next round. 


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