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X-Factor, Oct. 5 – Looking for an All-Arounder

The acts are put into ensembles, and only have a few hours to prepare a song they may or may not know to perform for the judges. They have the stylist, choreographer, and vocal coaches working with them. One third of them will be sent home.

The first ensemble is comprised of Drew, Caitlin, The Answer, Audrey Turner, Elaine Gibbs, Clayton Senne, and Dexter Haygood. They are given Creep by Radiohead. They start by determining what each other’s normal register is. Brian Friedman works with them on their choreography. Drew knows their expectations of her will be even higher this time. Dexter seems to be struggling. The good news is he finally dropped the James Brown persona, but now apparently has “moves like Jagger.” Brian sees it as very copycat. Audrey was once a backup singer for Ike Turner. 

It’s finally their time to perform, and they’re all talking of this being their big dream and all they want. Drew starts them off, and Paula is smiling again. Dexter joins her onstage, as Paula can only shake her head. The Answer is now up, and Audrey takes over the front stage just after them, but it’s Elaine who seems to be channeling Tina Turner more. Caitlin gets L.A.’s smile and head-nodding. The ensemble get cheered by the judges, as Nicole calls them amazing. They argue over whether Audrey or Dexter were the weakest. 

The next ensemble includes Jazzlyn Little, Melanie Amaro, Heather Gayle, Aaron Surgeon, Arin Ray, Special Guest, and Stacy Francis. Claude Kelly wants to hear them sing like they’ve been performing together. Stacy needs to prove herself. Jazzlyn was lacking confidence in herself at her first audition, and is now worried about being compared to the others in her group. They’re singing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

This ensemble takes the stage. They start it off with Jazzlyn, with Simon whispering in Paula’s ear that she has forgotten the lyrics. Stacy is up, with Paula enjoying her. She’s followed by Melanie who sounds like she’s taking it to the church, and wherever she didn’t take it, the group together takes them there at the end. Jazzlyn cries afterwards, saying she didn’t want to let anyone down. Stacy mothers her. 

The next ensemble includes Dani Knights, Skyelor Anderson, Leroy Bell, Chelsea Musick, Ben Rue, Paige Ogle, and Cari Fletcher. She calls this experience nerve-wracking. They’re singing Desperado, which excites Leroy, but not so much the younger ones in the ensemble. Skyelor talks about everything he’s gone through recently, losing his dad and a brother. 

The ensemble performs starting on a few risers, with Paige starting them off. Leroy follows her, and gets a “wow” from Nicole. Dani has Simon nodding along, and Cari and Skyelor follow her. He loses his lyrics and somewhat the tune. they judges like Dani and Paige. 

Another ensemble is singing Jay-Z’s Wishing on a Star, mixing both rapping and singing. The group is comprised of Tinuke Oyefule, Jennifay Joy Nichols, Lauren Ashley, Tatiana “Reina” Williams, and Brian Bradley. He had said in his audition in five years he’d be ready for Jay-Z, but will get therer this time. Jennifay has never rapped before, and it’s not going well. Reina feels born to do this though. 

It’s time for the ensemble to bring it. Tinuke starts them off., and Brian breaks out with his rap. Reina gets in a little bit of a rapping battle with him. They rap behind the others, then Jennifay comes out and tries her rap to Paula’s stunned face and Simon’s apparent amusement. The judges note the timing is all over the place, but the vocal coach tells them they were hitting it earlier. Brian knows he messed up his words a lot, but from a rap perspective, L.A. states he’s just too young.

The next ensemble is comprised of Josh Krajcik, Tiger Budbill, Nick Dean, Kompl3te, Andrew Muccitelli, James Kenney, and Thomas McAbee. They’ll be singing Five for Fighting’s Superman. Josh is worried about choreography looking awkward, and Brian promises to help him. Tiger knows he has to prove himself to L.A. after he wasn’t impressed during his audition.

Onstage, Nick starts the group off, but doesn’t seem to have it down, losing the lyrics and the tone, James takes over , but it’s Tiger who seems more smooth like the song needs. It totally takes off when Josh jumps in. He’s definitely the star of this group. It ends with Kompl3te. Tiger knows he squandered opportunities in his life. Simon likes him, and Nicole thinks his voice would be good on a record. 


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