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Project Runway 9, Episode 10 – Return of the Me Decade

First up is Kimberly. Her first look is a black circle skirt paired with a flowing, sleeveless, patterned black and white shirt.

Anthony made a black and grey vest with a zig-zagging pattern. Nice, but he paired it with a gray and maroon mini-dress with a sloppy neckline. It also has a light orange belt. His second look is a short-sleeved maxi-dress made of black, red, and white plaid with a wide orange belt.

Bert made short black shorts and a gold lame tube-top. He then added a gauzy, translucent, patterned cover-up. His second look was a sleeveless mini-dress with a white front and abeige back. He added a skinny belt with silver tips.

Laura’s first look consists of a sleeveless black and white top in a chevron pattern teamed with a yellow, green, and black skirt that looks like it was the victim of a very bad tie-dye job. Her second look consists of black pants and a sleeveless grey top.

For his first look, Josh made a black and pink top that looks the offspring of a tuxedo and a track suit. From the front, it looks, a bit like a tuxedo shirt, but it has broad racing stripes down the side. Josh’s love of embellishment ran away with him… again. He added skinny black and white plaid pants and a very skinny animal print belt. His second look consists of a black sleeveless top and a long black skirt with multi-colored animal prints on it.

Anya’s first look consists of a sleeveless rust shirt, with patterned black and tan pants and a wide tan belt. Her second look is a jumpsuit made of patterned black, tan, and white fabric with billowing pants.

Last up is Viktor, whose first look is a pale grey pant suit with a safari jacket that has 3/4 length sleeves. He also made a patterned black and white shirt. His second look is a knee-length black skirt paired with a sleeveless grey shirt that has a snake-skin pattern.

After the show, Heidi calls Kimberly and tells her she’s safe. The remaining designers have the highest and the lowest scores. The judges start with Laura, who tells them she loves color and prints. Heidi doesn’t like the combined patterns of the first look. Nina agrees, calling it a prison top/flowery skirt combination. She adds the black skirt of the second look wouldn’t show up online– which is important if it’s to be sold on Piperlime.com. Michael simply says they don’t look like fashion.

Viktor says he had his heart set on making a safari jacket. The judges don’t like the t-shirt combined with the jacket, but they agree it looks great with the pants. Nina thinks the first look is a bit conservative, but she loves the t-shirt and black skirt from the second look.

Josh wanted to contrast his masculine first look with his feminine second look. Michael thinks the looks are schizophrenic. He asks the model to turn around, and literally cries out in horror when he sees the plaid converging in a way that makes the model’s derriere look bigger than it presumably is. Heidi calls the first look one of the worst outfits she’s ever seen, and Olivia calls the “tablecloth pants” scary. Nina also dislikes the fabric he’d used for the skirt in his second look.

Anya tells the judges about her money woes, and she admits the top for the first look is made of muslin. Heidi is impressed that he first look cost only a little over eleven dollars. She and Nina both like the print used in the second look.

Anthony says he was inspired by the 70’s music and feeling of freedom. Olivia thinks the looks seem incomplete, and the dress looks like a tent. Nina says the layering of the skirt with the vest and shirt doesn’t work, and it isn’t luxe. Heidi says the looks have no sex appeal, and Michael adds they make the models look like hippy sisters.